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SWIT PL-E90P Waterproof Bi-Colour 3-Light Kit


The PL-E90P is specially designed for field portable lighting applications outputting bright, soft, even light in a slim and portable frame. This kit includes 3 lights, 3 stands, power supplies and trolley case


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What's In The Box?

  • 3x PL-E90P lights
  • 3x AC-DC power adaptors
  • 3x Lighting tripods (70-223cm)
  • 1x Trolley case
  • IP54 Rainproof Panel Light

    PL-E90P is an advanced version of SWIT's popular PL-E90D – a super thin, glare-less LED panel light with the addition of an IP54 certified rain-proof body. The PL-E90P can operate in the rain at any angle without external protections and can be powered by IP54 rain-proof batteries, allowing you to get beautiful shots, even when the weather turns ugly! The PLE-90P features 480 SMD-LEDs edge-mounted in the inner edge of the frame. SWIT’s unique 90° light guide technology, outputs bright, soft and equally spread light, in a lightweight, slim body, making it the perfect choice for interview and field production kits.

    2200 Lux @ 1 meter

    0-100% flicker-free dimming

    The 90W PL-E90P outputs a luminance of 2200 Lux at 1 meter (center), making it much brighter than many other similar size LED panels. The PL-E90P also supports 0 to 100% smooth digital PWM dimming, with no flicker.

    Bi-colour Temperature and High CRI

    With its output colour temperature able to be continuously adjusted between 2700K and 6500K, the PL-E90P also features a super high CRI of 98 and TLCI of 99, making sure what you see is what you get!

    LCD Display

    The rear LCD screen can display the current dimmer percentage, colour temperature value, DMX channel and CH channel, and remaining battery level.

    DMX512 control

    PL-E90P adopts standard 5-pin DMX in/out port and supports DMX512 protocol allowing adjustments to the dimmer and colour temperature via a controller. The dimmer and colour temperature occupy 1 DMX address respectively.

    Quick Adjust Mode

    By pressing the adjusting knob you can quickly adjust brightness and colour temperature: Pressing the Dimmer knob toggle between 1% stepping and 10% stepping, to quickly adjust brightness. Press the Colour Temperature knob and it will switch from 50K stepping to the following commonly used colour temperatures: 2700K / 3200K / 4500K / 5600K / 6500K.

    Power Options

    V-mount/Gold mount battery or 4-pin XLR

    The PL-E90P accepts a wide voltage input range of 11-36V, meaning it can be powered via the built-in 4-pin XLR DC socket or batteries when using the V-mount plate (included) or Gold mount plate (sold separately).

    Barn Door / Honeycomb

    A 4-leaf metal barn door is included as a standard accessory, and a 40° metal honeycomb grid is available as an option. (Model # LA-GE90).

    LED 480pcs SMD LEDs
    illuminance 2200Lux @ 1m
    Beam angle 70°(50% bounded)
    Color Temperature 2700K~6500K
    Color Render CRI 98; TLCI 99
    IP Class IP54
    Power Approx. 90W
    Working voltage DC11V~36V
    Dimension 650×403×48mm
    Lighting area 526×257mm
    weight 4.8kg