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Easyrig Minimax w/Quick Release Camera System

Code: EAS/MM100Q

In response to customer feedback the team at Easyrig have redesigned our two models of the Easyrig Mini into one completely new product, the Easyrig Minimax. With a completely overhauled and improved power pack, the Easyrig Mini is now better than ever.


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With Easyrig's new Minimax, the new and improved spring system has resulted in a significantly smoother running of the support rope, specifically to the beginning and end of the rope's travel. This is down to a revolutionary a conical wheel that unrolls the rope. Working in conjunction with this, Easyrig have also reduced the friction through the entire support process resulting in a much more fluid feel and operation.

The new Easyrig Minimax also has an new overload protection system. If the user overloads the spring system a tripping mechansim will activate. This means the spring will not be broken if you use too heavy a camera.

Another major difference from the previous model Easyrig Mini is the pivoting upper arm which is now similar to big brother Easyrig 3 Cinema.

The Easyrig Minimax has been created specifically with the latest generation of light weight cameras in mind and offers the same innovative features as its larger brother - The Easyrig.

The ergonomically designed Easyrig Minimax is the most comfortable way to support your camera and eliminates the fatigue associated with long periods of hand held operation. It is the perfect partner for compact video cameras, video DSLRs and lightweight film cameras.

Load Range 2-7 kg (4.4-15.5 lbs)
Weight 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Suspension line length 110 cm (43.3")
Height Mounted: 91-99 cm (36-39")
Folded: 66 cm (26")
Width Mounted: 81-140 cm (32-55”)
Folded: 29 cm (11.4”)
Depth Mounted: 25cm (9.8”)
Folded: 16 cm (6.3”)