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SWIT PL-E60 Bi-Colour 3-Light Kit with DMX


The PL-E60 light is specially designed for portable lighting applications. 3x PL-E60s are included in this kit, with 3x lighting stands, power supplies and a trolley case


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What's In The Box?

  • 3x PL-E60 Bi-Colour LED Light
  • 3x AC-DC Adapter
  • 3x Tripod
  • 1x Trolley Case

320pcs Edge Mounted LEDs

Super thin, area light, soft and glare-less

The PL-E60 is specially designed for portable lighting applications. 320 SMD-LEDs are mounted in the inner edge of the light frame and, using SWIT's unique 90° light guide technology, the PL-E60 can output bright, soft and evenly spread light. The PL-E60 is slim and portable making it an ideal light source for interview and field video productions.

Laser Dots 90° Light Guide

High efficiency and super bright

Traditionally, edge-mounted LED lights have a lower brightness as half their output falls on the backside - even when there's a reflection board a lot of light can still be lost.

SWIT have resolved this issue by adding laser dots in calculated spaces onto the reflective rear glass, ensuring that multiple angles of edge-mounted light will converge onto the laser dots, then output 90° to the front with minimal loss of light. In this way, SWIT ensure that edge-mounted LEDS are able to maintain a high level of brightness.

1500 Lux @ 1 meter

0-100% flick-free dimming

The PL-E60 outputs 60W power, 1500Lux luminance at 1 meter distance - a much higher brightness than other, similar, sized LED panels. The effective beam angle reaches 70°, bounded by 50% decline.

The PL-E60 also supports smooth 0 to 100% PWM digital dimming without flickering.

Bi-color Temperature

2700K-6500K continuously adjustable

The PL-E60 features alternating 2700K and 6500K LEDs, allowing the output colour temperature to be continuously adjustable between 2700K and 6500K.

High Color Render Index

CRI Ra 98; TLCI 99

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source.

The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI, while the PL-E60 offers the super high CRI at 98, and will not lose the objects original colours.

LCD Screen Display

Dimmer / Colour / DMX channel, battery info

The rear LCD screen can display the current dimmer percentage, colour temperature value, DMX channel and CH channel, and remaining battery indications.

LED 320pcs SMD LEDs
Illuminance 1500Lux @ 1m
Beam angle 70°(50% bounded)
Color Temperature 2700K~6500K
CRI 98
Power Approx. 60W
Working voltage DC11V~36V
Dimension 382×403×48mm
Lighting area 257×257mm
Weight 3.1kg