Grip & Lighting Services

Our service technicians at Lemac have over 20 years experience specialising in the service and maintenance of support & grip equipment for numerous brands, including:

and lighting equipment from manufacturers including:

They are also factory trained and certified in:


Some of our available services include:


  • Calibrate and 'tune-up' your grip equipment; dollies, tripod heads, jibs, car mounts etc.
  • Evaluate and repair damaged grip equipment.
  • Perform pre-delivery checks on new equipment to confirm they are within factory specifications.


  • Evaluate & repair your lighting equipment to ensure it is operating at optimum capacity.
  • Repair damaged lighting equipment.
  • Perform pre-delivery checks on new lighting equipment to confirm they are within factory specifications.

We have the equipment to ensure your gear is operating at optimum efficiency.

About Us

  • Lemac Service has been servicing equipment for over 20 years.
  • Our rental grip and lighting equipment is serviced by our qualified technicians, as required, to ensure they are always operating at optimal performance.
  • Our service technicians travel internationally to receive factory training and certification in the latest grip equipment.
  • Our technicians can source the parts you require or custom design something specific, if required.


To send an enquiry about our grip and lighting services click here.

If you would like to bring in your equipment for service or an evaluation, please contact your nearest Lemac office.

02 9438 4488
03 94298588
07 3252 9777

*Brisbane Customers* - Equipment should be booked via Lemac Brisbane and will then be transferred internally to either Melbourne or Sydney for assessment and any maintenance or repairs.