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SWIT MINO-S210 210Wh Pocket V-Lock Battery w/USB-C PD

Code: SWI/MINO-S210

The MINO-S210 is a high-capacity V-mount battery designed to power cine range cameras, lights, and various film gear.


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The Smallest 210Wh V-mount Battery

The MINO-S210 is a high-capacity V-mount battery designed to power cine range cameras, lights, and various film gear. It has a compact size that fits the RED V-Raptor, and can power the camera for at least 3 hours.

Compact Handheld Size

As a 210Wh battery, the MINO-S210 has a compact size of 105x79.6x73.8mm and weighs only 1.02kg. It can even be carried in your pocket.

210Wh, 200W High Load

The MINO-S210 consists of 12 high-capacity cells with a capacity of 210Wh/14.6Ah. It supports at least 200W/16A constant high-load output, making it ideal for high-power cine cameras and lights.

D-tap, USB-A, and USB-C

The MINO-S210 provides various DC sockets:

  • D-tap x1 - 120W/10A load (supports charging input)
  • USB-A x1 - 5V/2A output
  • USB-C x1 - 65W output and 48W charging input

USB-C 48W Charging Input

The MINO-S210 battery can be charged by a USB-C charger that supports PD 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V (max) 2.4A, 48W charging input. This means you can fully charge the 210Wh battery within 5 hours.

USB-C 65W Power Output

You can use the MINO-S210 battery to power a laptop via USB-C on the film set. It supports 5V 3.25A, 9V 3.25A, 12V 3.25A, 15V 3.25A, and a maximum of 20V 3.25A, with BC1.2, PD2.0/3.0, QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP multiple protocols. It is compatible with Macbook Air/13, Macbook Pro 13/15/16, Huawei Matebook E/12/X13/XPRO, Thinkpad, HP, ASUS, Dell, and almost all laptops with USB-C ports.

Wire-Free Internal Tech

The MINO-S210 features innovative "Wire-Free" internal technology. All the cells, D-tap, USB-A, USB-C, and power indicator devices are directly soldered onto the PCB, eliminating the need for connecting wires. This reduces internal resistance, making the circuit stable, safe, and reliable.

Battery plate V-mount
Nominal voltage 14.4V
Capacity 210Wh, 14.6Ah
Power IN & OUT Electrodes: 200W 16A out, 16.8V 6A in
D-tap: 120W 10A out, 16.8V 6A in
USB-A: 10W, 5V/2A out
USB-C: Max 65W out, 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V (Max) 3.25A
BC1.2, PD2.0/3.0, QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP
Max 48W in, 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V (Max) 2.4A
Dimension 105×79.6×73.8mm (Fits RED Raptor)
Charging Temperature 0-40°C
Discharging Temperature -20°C-50°C (Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°)
Net weight 1.02kg