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Bright Tangerine Left Field Arri Standard Dovetail (300mm)

Code: BRI/B4003.1009

An ARRI Standard Dovetail that can reduce set up times, together with the Left Field bridge & base plates.


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Recover valuable time on set with the ARRI Standard Dovetail, making camera setup changes faster when moving from a tripod set up to a Russian arm, jib or any other setup. The Left Field ARRI Standard Dovetail is 300mm (12") and can receive any accessory using an ARRI standard clamp like the Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate or 15mm LWS Base Plate.

Set your marks

With clear position indicators, you can cut down your set up and prep time. Whether you're an AC or a Steadicam operator, you will be more prepared to make lens changes, knowing exactly where to position your camera for optimal balance.

Safety First

The dovetail features two safety measures, a front safety stop will prevent the camera package from sliding too far forward, off the dovetail and a rear safety button provides peace of mind when removing the camera. The dovetail is also compatible with the Left Field 15 & 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate which aside from being able to slide on & off, can also be snapped onto the dovetail for even quicker mounting.

Built to last

There's no room for compromise here, made from high-grade 7000 series aluminium and hard-anodised for maximum durability and zero flex, the Left Field Dovetail will last years to come.

To mount the dovetail to your support, there are six 3/8" and five 1/4" threads spaced along the length of the dovetail. Helicoil inserts provide a secure grip and ensure that the threads do not strip over time.

The lower section of the dovetail is also compatible with the OConnor 2600/2575D/120EX as well as the Sachtler Cine 30 fluid heads.


Weight (kg)0.59
Dimensions30.0 x 9.6 x 2.3