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Boxx Meridian Camera Link Broadcast Receiver

Code: BOX/RM-BC-03HS
The Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for high quality, uncompressed zero delay HD and SD live transmission, where extremely low latency is essential.

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Boxx TV provides revolutionary microwave broadcast equipment designed around ease of use by technical and industry professionals.

Traditionally, delivering a perfect picture through walls and floors with digital microwave links has been the exclusive preserve of High End Production companies and large Outside Broadcast firms. With their radical new technology, Boxx is revolutionising the industry by providing the same reliability at a fraction of the cost.

This ground-breaking technology has been especially designed for the needs of live-to-air broadcasts, ENG operations and is also ideal for Steadicam, portable field monitoring or video-assist applications.

Having microwave broadcast systems in operation all over the world Boxx TV understands the demands of a global market. Boxx TV prides themselves on being at the forefront of innovations and introducing new technologies into the industry. In 2005 Boxx TV won an Emmy for Engineering Excellence

Meridian Broadcast Receiver

The Meridian broadcast receivers are ideal for multi camera production, sporting arenas, stage and studio productions, and live-to-air broadcasts. Broadcast receivers use an array of five receive antennas to enhance performance and reliability. With a range of accessories developed for performance and flexibility, this receiver can be tailored to meet a variety of production requirements.

Standard Features

  • Zero frame latency (<1 millisecond)
  • 5.1-5.9GHz licence, and licence exempt band
  • Extremely high quality 4:2:2 video transmission
  • Manual or automatic channel select
  • Simultaneous HD down-converter/scaler
  • Signal strength meter on each antenna



Latency <1 millisecond
Video Output SDI, HDSDI, component SD/HD, composite
Format SDI, PAL, NTSC. HDSDI up to 1080 60i
Audio Output Embedded and 2 channels balanced analogue line level
Down-converter Any HD format simultaneously converted to PAL or NTSC
Transmission Method Pixel Prioritisation Protocol
Modulation OFDM
Bandwidth 20MHz
Frequency 5.1-5.9GHz
Antennas 5 receive N-TYPE
Firmware Upgradable via USB port
Range Up to 150 metres line of sight for Broadcast
Up to 800 metres video assist
Channel Select Automatic or manual
Control Configuration via LCD touch pad
Power 6.5 -18V DC, 4 pin XLR, 9 watts
Antenna Ports N-type
Temperature Range -5° to 50° C
Mounting Light stand spigot or 1 unit rack mount
Made in United Kingdom