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microGAFFER Mini Gaff Tape - White 4-Pack

Code: VDL/GT-3333
MicroGAFFER tape is the same professional gaffer tape you've counted on for countless jobs, now in a smaller form factor. It tears off easily and leaves almost no residue, just like regular gaffer's tape. Includes: 4x White Rolls


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Gaffer's tape is one of the most useful things on a location or set... but it'll never win an award for convenience. microGAFFER ®┬áto the rescue! Each roll of microGAFFER is 25mm wide by 7 meters long, and weighs only 57g (instead of 1kg for a big roll of regular gaffer tape). Instead of lugging a big roll around with you, just carry microGAFFER in your pocket or gear bag. You'll be ready to solve problems as they come up, wherever you are.