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Panasonic 64GB UHS-II MicroP2 Card

Code: GEC/AJ-P2M064AG
AJ-P2M064AG is a 64GB microP2 card that will guarantee data writing up to the class200 mode of AVC-ULTRA.


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The world’s first UHS-II compliant memory card*, the AJ-P2M064AG is a 64GB microP2 card that will guarantee data writing up to the class200 mode of AVC-ULTRA, the company’s newest compression system**. With an SD card form factor, the MicroP2 cards will ensure high-speed transfer and high reliability. Furthering the versatility of the microP2 card adapter and microP2 card slots, their design allows Class 10 SDHC/SDXC cards (at bit rates only up to 50Mbps) to be used in P2 products***.

The microP2 card’s double-layered UHS-II interface facilitates transfer speeds of 2.0 Gpbs (1.7 times faster than standard P2 media, and 12x faster than ordinary SD media). Reliability is defined by Proof7 strength (resistance to water/dust, static electricity, bending and twisting, magnet, X-ray, wide temperature range, and safety built-in-fuse ); a flash memory error correction system, equivalent to a RAID system, to greatly strengthen data retention reliability; a Lifetime Counter that gives a notification when the card approaches the end of its life cycle, which is defined as reusable for up to five years when recorded on once daily, at full capacity; 100% screened flash memory; a Content Protection System (CPS) that password-protects the card; and a QR code for scanning and identification.

Panasonic’s microP2 solid-state UHS-II compliant memory cards ensure highly reliable video, audio, and metadata recording, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. P2 cards allow professional users to benefit from a fast, easy, file-based workflow and exceptional reliability.

  • Same form as an SD Card, 64GB and 32GB sizes.
  • High speed transfer of 2.0 Gbps (1.7X faster than standard P2 media).
  • Guaranteed data writing up to AVC-ULTRA Class200 mode .
  • Proof 7 strength reliability.
  • Accessories: AJ-P2AD1 microP2 adapter and AJ-MPD1 microP2 drive.


To use the microP2 card adapter, a firmware upgrade of current P2 hardware is required.

To download free microP2 hardware upgrade, or find out more about microP2, please visit the new microP2 site:

* As of UHS-II compliant memory card, March 2013
** With the exception of 1080/60p/ 50p within class 200.
*** The performance of the Class 10 SDHC/SDXC card will depend on the quality of the card being utilized.

The following models support microP2 with memory card adaptor AJ-P2AD1G:
AG-HPX600, AG-HPX255, AG-HPX250, AJ-HPX3100G, AJ-HPX2000/HPX2100,AG-HPX370 series, AG-HPD24 (except 3D REC mode), AJ-HPD2500, AJ-HPM200, AG-HPG20, AJ-PCD35, AJ-PCD30, AJ-PCD20, AJ-PCD2G.