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Ursa Straps WireRig


The WireRig turns any LAV Mic into a Gooseneck. It’s perfect for car rigs & plant mics.

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What's In The Box?

  • WireRig with 40cm black, copper wire
  • 20x Ursa Straps Sticky Circles
  • The WireRig turns any LAV Mic into a Gooseneck; perfect for car rigs & plant mics.


    The WireRig uses a flexible black copper wire which extends up to 40cm from the core. Use one of the 8 notches around the base to lock off the wire.

    Then coil the mic cable around the wire and bend the end back to lock the mic in place. Then adjust the wire to get the mic just where you need it. The malleable wire acts like a suspension to help reduce noise being transmitted down the cable to the capsule.

    Noise Reduction

    To avoid wind noise simply apply a Bubblebee Windbubble or Rycote Mini-Windjammer. The added weight of this will not effect the WireRig.

    Each WireRig comes with 20x URSA ’Very Stickies’ Sticky Circles to fix it down.