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Sony RM-IP500 PTZ Camera Remote Controller

Code: SOC/RMIP500
This compact remote controller features a high-quality joystick that allows effortless one-handed pan, tilt and zoom adjustments of compatible Sony PTZ remote cameras

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Easy, ergonomic PTZ control of multiple remote cameras for live events production and contents creation

This compact remote controller features a high-quality joystick that allows effortless one-handed pan, tilt and zoom adjustments of compatible Sony PTZ remote cameras. Zoom can also be controlled via the joystick or a supplementary seesaw lever; dedicated knobs and control buttons simplify direct access to frequently-needed camera functions.

The RM-IP500 simplifies the building of cost-effective multi-camera content creation systems with a wide range of applications - from live events to conference halls, broadcast studios, education institutes and houses of worship.

PTZ speed can be adjusted from slow to fast for more polished, professional-looking results. Up to 100*¹ combinations of camera angles and settings can be stored as presets. Trace Memory*¹ allows a sequence of camera moves to be stored and recalled whenever required.

Up to 100 compatible Sony BRC or SRG Series PTZ remote cameras can be controlled over a standard IP network. Set-up's simple: the controller automatically assigns IP addresses to connected Sony PTZ cameras on the network, also assigning a camera number to each.

Full compatibility is provided with these Sony PTZ remote camera models: BRC-X400*2, SRG-X400 *2, SRG-X120*2, BRC-X1000, BRC-H900, BRC-H800, SRG-360SHE, SRG-300SE, SRG-300H, SRG-120DH, SRG-120DS, SRG-120DU.

The RM-IP500 is an ideal partner for the Sony MCX-500 Multi-Camera Live Producer, creating a complete IP streaming and SD recording solution for a wide range of content production applications.

*1 Depends on camera specification. Version up might be required.

*2 Requires firmware V2.10


High-quality control of PTZ functions

It's easy to achieve professional looking productions, with joystick adjustment of pan and tilt, plus zoom control either via joystick or a separate seesaw lever. Adjustable speed control of PTZ allows smooth, acurate camera movements.

Control up to 100 BRC or SRG cameras via IP

The remote controller allows control of pan, tilt, zoom and other functions of up to 100 Sony BRC or SRG Series PTZ cameras over an IP network.

Simple set-up

System set-up is quick and simple, with automatic IP address assignment of connected cameras and auto assignment of camera numbers. To change the group number, camera number, and IP address assigned to a camera or clear the camera registration auto assigned IP addresses manually from RM-IP500 without using PC will be also supported from Version 2.0.

Trace Memory *

A sequence of camera moves can be stored for instant recall whenever required. Simple store trace memory function without using Camera Menu will be also available from Version 2.0 for BRC-X1000/BRC-H800 Version 2.0.

Store and recall camera presets

Up to 100** presets (camera angles and settings) can be stored recalled instantly via the numeric keypad, saving time in multiple camera set-ups.

* Depends on camera specification. Version up might be required.

** The maximum preset number depends on camera specification.

Up to 5 controllers can operate on a single network

Up to 5 RM-IP500 control panels can be used on a single network, allowing shared control and simultaneous multi-operator control of large camera systems. In case both RM-IP500 and RM-IP10 are used on a single network, total number of units of RM-IP500 and RM-IP10 available to be controlled is up to 5.

Tally indicator

Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes.

Adjust camera paint functions

Colour related settings - including black levels, white balance, flicker cancel, detail level, knee point, auto exposure level, iris, gain and shutter speed - can be adjusted directly without needing to use the camera menus.

Additional ability to use VISCA control

The RM-IP500 can also control up to seven compatible BRC or SRG Series cameras over a RS-422

Selectable ASSIGN items

ASSIGN item is selectable from version 2.0, and additional functions can be assigned to ASSIGN buttons. In addition to backlight/flicker/status display/detail level/knee point/AE level, clear image zoom/Tele Convertor/mode switch of Trace-Preset (mode1/mode2) /ND filter/Picture Profile settings can be assigned. The available function depends on camera specification.

Control input/output VISCA RS-422 OUT connector: RJ-45 x 1
LAN : RJ-45 x 1, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX automatically detected
GPI I/O (Tally In/Contact Out): D-Sub 15-pin (female)
Control signal format 9,600 bps/38,400 bps (for RS-422 communication)
VISCA over IP communication
Power Connector JEITA type 4 (DC IN 12V)
Input voltage 12V DC (10.8 to 13.2V DC)
Current consumption 0.6A max. (All lamps lit), 7.2W (at 12V DC) / 0.2A typ.(2.4W)
Operating temperatur 0℃ to 40 ℃ (32°F to 104°F )
Storage temperature -20℃ to 60 ℃ (-4°F to 140°F )
Dimensions (W x H x D) 306 mm x 159.3 mm x 224.1 mm
(12 1/8 x 6 3/8 inches x 8 7/8 inches) (excluding protrusions)
Mass Approx. 2,400g (5 lb 4.7 oz)
Display Yes
Speed Control Yes 3 dials (PT, Zoom and Focus separately)
Zoom Seesaw Lever Yes
Zoom Ring of Joystick Yes
Zoom Control selectable Seesaw Lever or Ring of Joystick
ASSIGN button 6
Kensington lock hole Yes
Maximum IP Connections 100
Maximum Serial Connections 7
Control Protocol VISCA over IP/VISCA RS-422 switchable
max Controller qty (/system) 1 *1