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SWIT S-4020 Power Station Box

Code: SWI/S-4020
Providing long-lasting power solution for high draw devices, the S-4020 power station box holds 4 V-mount batteries in a portable and durable PP+ Fibre glass case Output: 11-16.8VDC, 15A (180W) or 22-33.6VDC, 15


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Long-lasting power solution for high draw devices

The S-4020 power station box can install 4 V-mount batteries to provide more power and longer power supply time compared to a single Li-ion battery, perfect for film, television and mobile studios.

 Auto-balanced circuit design

With auto-balanced circuit, S-4020 can be powered by 1-4 batteries, with different capacity. The max output is limited by the batteries’ output.

2-ch 4-pin XLR DC output

Select either 4-pin 11-16.8V XLR output or 3-pin XLR 22-33.6V - 15A max - DC output with multiple circuit protections, (overload, over voltage etc.) built into the design.

Charging/discharging time

With 4 fully discharged 160wh batteries, S-4020 will take around 11.5 hours to fully charge these batteries with the supplied power adaptor. With 4 fully charged 160wh batteries, the S-4020 can power an 85W camera for around 7.5hours.

Power with 4 V-lock batteries, portable and usable

Considering the size, weight, power effeciency, and usability, S-4020 is designed to be powered with 1-4 V-lock batteries, which are widely used and easy to find. The following SWIT V-mount batteries will fit in the box: S-8320S, S-8340S, S-8083S, S-8113S, S-8183S, S-8082S, S-8110S, S-8180S.

Charging without taking out batteries

With the supplied 5A charger, you can charge batteries in the S-4020 directly, without taking them out.

Cooling fan design

The built-in fan dissipates heat from the box, making it safe when working in high temperature environment.

LED panel display status

With an LED panel, S-4020 can display real-time voltage. When battery capacity is too low, the LED panel will keep flashing to remind you to change or charge batterie.


Input DC 16.8V 5A (Charging)

DC 11-16.8V 15Ax2(180Wx2)

Working temperature: 0°C~+40°C
Working humidity: 10%~90%
Storage temperature: -15℃~﹢60℃
Dimensions 290mm x 221mm x 278mm
Net weight 3.45Kg