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SWIT PB-M98S 98Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Bundle


Exclusive to Lemac

The new SWIT PB-M98S battery is a pocket V-mount with 98Wh fly friendly capacity including D-tap out and USB out.


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What's In The Box?

  • 2x SWIT PB-M98S 98Wh Batteries
  • 1x SWIT S-3822S Charger
  • The new SWIT PB-M98S battery is a pocket V-mount with 98WH fly friendly capacity including D-tap out and USB out.

    This battery is specifically designed to be compact, durable and convenient.

    The PB-M98S is the ideal size for monitors, wireless or portable panel lights.


    Tiny V-mount battery

    Pocket sized fit

    Brick-sized V-mount batteries are always too big and heavy for field shootings, especially for gimbals, the focus puller's monitor, portable LED panels, or small cameras. The PB-M98S Pocket V-mount battery is designed for those applications! Featuring high capacity cells, 98Wh / 8A, in a compact form and all without any compromise on the DC sockets!

    Built-in D-tap and USB

    The pocket size PB-M98S still has D-tap and USB sockets built-in.

    The D-tap socket share 100W/8A load DC output with the V-mount pins, and support charging input by SWIT PC-U130B2 dual D-tap charger.

    The USB socket outputs 5V/2A for smart phone fast charging.

    5-LED Power Indicator

    Low battery warning

    PB-M98S has 5-LEDs to indicator remaining power percentage. When remaining power is less than 10%, the last LED will flash automatically to remind changing battery.

    SONY & RED Communication

    PB-M98S can communicate with both SONY and RED cameras and display digital power info on camera viewfinder.

    DV battery size, pocket fit

    98Wh Fly Friendly

    Max 100W/8A constant load

    PB-M98S consists of 12pcs of high class 18650 battery cells, nominal voltage is 14.4V and reaches 98Wh / 6.6Ah high capacity. You can take this battery in carry-on luggage to board airplane. The Max constant load is 100W, 8A.

    3A Fast Charging

    PB-M98S can be charged by all standard V-mount chargers and D-tap chargers. The max charging current is 3A.

    The following chargers are recommended:

    • S-3822S. Charge 2x PB-M98S: Approx. 3 hours
    • PC-U130B2. Charge 2x PB-M98S: Approx. 5 hours and 15 minutes

    Wire-Free Internal Tech

    PB-M98S has innovative “Wire-Free” internal technic. All the cells, D-tap, USB, power indicator devices are directly soldered onto PCB, no connecting wires, to reduce internal resistance effectively, and make the circuit stable, safe, and reliable.

    Wire-free internal technical


    Nominal voltage 14.4V
    Capacity 98Wh, 6.8Ah
    Max output power Pins 100W, 8A
    D-TAP 100W, 8A
    USB 10W, 5V/2A
    In total 100W
    Max charging current 3A
    Charging temperature 0°C ~ 40°C (Recommended 10°C ~ 30°C)
    Discharging temperature -20°C ~ 50°C (Recommended 0°C ~ 40°C)
    Mount type V-mount
    Net weight 510g
    Dimensions 100×74×48mm