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Panasonic AJ-PX5100GJ

Code: GEC/AJ-PX5100GJ
The AJ-PX5100 2/3 type B4 lens mount shoulder camera recorder combines superb image production and exchangeable lenses with a light build. The AJ-PX5000G’s three 2.2M pixel MOS sensors deliver a horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines and sensitivity of F13 at 50i and a signal to noise ratio of 62dB.

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The AJ-PX5100 2/3 type B4 lens mount shoulder camera recorder combines superb image production and exchangeable lenses with a light built. The AJ-PX5000G’s three 2.2M pixel MOS sensors deliver a horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines and sensitivity of F13 at 50i and a signal to noise ratio of 62dB.

The camcorder features HDR (HLG) support, dual codec recording with AVC-proxy and can record in AVC-Intra200/100/5 and AVC-LongG25/50. It includes two slots for P2 cards and 2 slots for microP2 cards. The unit is 50Hz- and 59.94Hz-switchable for global usage.

Incorporating the real-time messenger protocol (RTMP) function, the PX5100 camcorder can be used for interviews in news reporting, producing documentaries and other special feature stories. With its breadth of recording options, exceptional image quality, and expandability the AJ-PX5100 is also targeted at high-end corporate and sports production, as well as the rental market.

Key Features

  • Supports HDR image acquisition and outputs SDR while acquiring HDR.
  • Offers a streaming function compatible with RTMP, in addition to RTSP. Also P2 Cast and P2SS compatible.
  • 1080/50p (60p) recording and 3G-SDI output.
  • AVC-Intra or AVC-LongG high-quality images and dual codec recording of AVC-Proxy.
  • Includes various network connections, such as “Wired/wireless LAN”**, “4G/LTE”** and “Bonding Services”**

High Sensitivity, Low Noise 2/3 type 3MOS Image Sensors

The 2.2 megapixel 2/3 type 3MOS (RGB) image sensors offer full-pixel HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, F12 (59.94 Hz) or F13 (50 Hz) sensitivity, and low noise with an S/N of 62 dB (with DNR ON). It also achieves rich gradation and vibrant color reproduction.

In addition to high sensitivity 2/3 type 3MOS image sensors and FHD/60p/50p AVC-ULTRA codec, the AJ-PX5100GJ now supports HDR (HLG) recording and RTMP on-air streaming.

This high-end ENG camera recorder fits the multiple usage of the broadcast workflow.

FHD Image Acquisition by High-Quality AVC-ULTRA Codecs

The AVC-ULTRA codecs feature high-quality, high-efficiency H.264 based video compression. The main recording can be selected from high-quality AVC-Intra200 for mastering applications, AVC-Intra100 with FHD/60p/50p support, AVC-Intra50, or AVC-LongG (50/25/12) for FHD10-bit 4:2:2 with affordable bit rate. While offering a low bit rate suitable for previewing, sub recording AVC-Proxy (proxy data) provides an FHD resolution mode that can be used as is for breaking news and similar applications. The conventional DVCPRO codec is also supported.

HD/SD Multi-Image Format

Images can be acquired by the 1080/60p/50p/60i/50i/30p/24p/25p, 720/60p/50p/30p/24p/25p HD format and SD (480/60i, 576/50i) format. Overseas use is also supported by 59.94Hz/50Hz selection.

Reliable Recording Media: P2 Card/microP2 Card

The P2 card, which was designed for broadcast use, features a rugged case and highly reliable connector. The microP2 card features high reliability and a large capacity together with a reduced size and cost. In an emergency, an SD memory card can also be used.

Advanced Network Functions Support Streaming and P2 Cast

Easy-to-Use Single Dongle, Flexible Network Connection

Proxy preview, camera remote, and playlist editing can all be done on a PC, Mac, or tablet connected to wireless LAN. When connected to the internet, files can be transferred and live streaming can be done. Nimble operation is possible using the Wireless Module (optional: AJ-WM50/AJ-WM30) or single dongle of the 4G/LTE dongle. Wired LAN connection and LiveU/TVU bonding services are also supported. The connection method is selected to match the usage environment.

RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP Compatible Full-HD Streaming

Full-HD streaming is possible while images are being acquired. All of their RTSP, RTMP and RTMPS streaming methods are compatible. And Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming services are supported. A unique QoS (Quality of Service) mode optimizes the bit rate according to the network conditions for stable streaming distribution. High performance is also achieved by linking to P2SS (streaming server)

An IoT Solution for News Gathering That Directly Connects On-Site News Acquisition with the Newsroom.

By connecting the AJ-PX5100GJ or other P2cam to the cloud-based P2 Cast integrated control system, a connectivity that approaches live relay can be achieved with automatic operation and camera control for interviews and other ENG. The system also helps to reduce costs.

Automatic Upload from a P2cam to a Cloud Server

Recorded clips are automatically uploaded in the background from a P2cam to a cloud server. The Rec During Upload function also enables recording and playback while transferring data. In the event that the network connection or power is cut off during the data transfer, the transfer operation resumes immediately after the network connection or power is restored. This allows the camera operator to concentrate on shooting without being bothered by uploading operations.


Power: DC 12 V (11.0 V to 17.0 V)
Power Consumption: 29 W (body only, 1080/59.94i,
AVC-Intra 100 standard recording status, LCD ON)
70 W (with all optional accessories connected and
maximum power supplied from each output terminal)
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity: 10 % to 85 % (relative humidity)
Storage Temperature: −20 °C to 60 °C (−4 °F to 140 °F)
Weight: Approx. 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs.)
Body only, excluding the battery and accessories
Dimensions: 147 mm (W) × 267 mm (H) × 342 mm (D)
(5-25/32 inches × 10-1/2 inches × 13-15/32 inches)
Body only, excluding protrusion
Camera Unit
Pickup Device: 2/3-type 2.2 million pixels, MOS × 3
Lens Mount: 2/3-type bayonet
Image S/N: 62 dB (standard)
Horizontal Resolution: 1000 TV or higher (center)
Memory Card Recorder
Recording Media: P2 card, microP2 card
System Format: 1080/59.94p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/23.98PsF,
720/59.94p, 480/59.94i,
1080/50p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 576/50i
Recording Format: AVC-Intra200/AVC-Intra100/AVC-Intra50/
DVCPRO HD/DVCPRO50/DVCPRO/DV formats switchable