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Miller Mid Level Spreader (470)

Code: MIL/470
On Ground Spreader to suit Sprinter II tripods

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Employing flexible, adjustable spreader arms the 470 Sprinter on ground spreader, with pullover rubber stirrups, is very quick to set up, requires minimal maintenance and can be used on even and semi even ground.

The 470 ground spreader attaches directly to the spiked feet at the bottom of the Sprinter II tripods. Optimised for use on flat surfaces the telescoping spreader arms allow for rapid set-up and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or pre-set distance.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy pullover rubber stirrups to secure tripod legs.
  • Safely adjust tripod legs to equal or pre-set distances.
  • Flexible spreader arms that self-adjust to uneven ground surfaces.
  • Quick extension of arm adjustment without detaching tripod leg from spreader.
  • Weight: 0.65kg (1.3lbs)
  • Transport Length: 445mm (17.5")
  • Footprint Diameter: 910-1310mm (31.8-51.6)