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Diffusion FX Professional Haze/Smoke Can (225g)


Diffusion-fxis a colour-less aerosol spray to add instant, professional haze to photography and video projects. It is a safe, non-toxic and the only Australian Made product available to Australia.

Essentially the can outputs a super fine mist of odourless particles which linger in the air. This catches the light – like salt spray at the beach or like smoke from a fire.It does not output smoke. You need light to see the haze effect.

Our can will last up to 5.5 minutes of continual spray with most applications only needing a 15-30 second application. The fine mist output will then linger in the air (without air flow) up to an hour. Great for using indoors, and it can also be used outdoors with wind around.

Choose to make your smoke coloured by adding gelled lights to give even more flexibility.

This product is best used with backlighting, as from certain angles the smoke effect will not be present.

Unlike our other hot burn smoke-emitters, this doesn't burn hot, set off some fire-alarms, can be used indoors and safely around children and pets. This product is best used without any wind or air movement. In ideal conditions the smoke or haze will linger in the air for a long time. To remove this haze, just ventilate the working space.