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Chrosziel Mattebox for Fuji/Canon Zooms


This Chrosziel mattebox is designed specifically for Fujinon & Canon F4.5 zoom lenses.


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Production MatteBox for 15 mm support systems

Includes a Double Filter Stage for filters up to 5.65x5.65 and 5x6" vertical. Both filters can be moved and fixed in any vertical positions, the second also rotates, depending on the used filter 360 ° or up to 240º.

For optimum use of the picture angle, the first filter stage is equipped with a multi format filter-holder for 4x4 and 4x5.65" filters, the second with multi format filter-holder for 5x5 and 4x5.65" filters. Using 4x5.65" filters in the front stage and 5x5" in the second, makes full use of the wide angle format for any position of the rotating stage. For even more flexibility when using e.g. graduation filters, insert 5x6" filters in the first stage (filter-holder 510-02).

Special feature - a third stage inside the rubber bellows for round filters with 138mm of diameter. Not possible with 4,3/4.5mm zoom lenses, due to their front ring position. This MatteBox mounts on 15mm Lightweight Supports. The connecting diameter of 95mm fits the current wide angle zoom lenses. Choose also between two standard versions for 100 and 110 mm connection of light protection rings. The 39 cm wide French Flag is included in the standard package. Side-wings can be used optionally. For maximum stray light reduction, use mattes. Sets for 4:3 and 16:9 available.

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Max. wide angle focus length F=mm: S16 6 / S35 10 / still 16 / SD 3.9 / HD 4.3
Multi-Format 4:3 and 16:9: S16, S35, SD, HD 
Mattes 4:3 for F=mm: 4,8/10/20/30/48 
Mattes 16:9 for F=mm: 4,8/10/20/30/48
Max. filter number / rotating / gear positioned: 2+1 / 1 / - 
Filter stage width  (mm): 150 
Filter size (inch): 4x4/4x5.65h + 5x5/4x5.65h 
Connecting diameter (mm): 95 / 100 / 110 
Light weight support for rod mm 15* (Through adapters also bridge plates 15 und 19 mm)