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Chrosziel MB 450R2 Mattebox kit for DSLR

Code: ALF/450-R21
MatteBox 450R2, with Double-Rotating-Filter Stage, incl. mask 16:9, french flag, pivot mechanism for side wings (option), rotatable 4x4 and multi-format 4x4/4x5.650 filterholders, and rod clamping for Ø15mm rods.

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The 8 MatteBoxes in the 450 series perfectly meet the requirements of shooting with compact camcorders or DSLR cameras.

The MB 450R2 MatteBox - for DSLR

The MB 450R2 MatteBox, is designed to suit Canon 5DmkII, 7D and Nikon D90.

It comes with a double rotating filterstage for 4x5.65" (front stage) and 4x4" filters which can be freely rotated when using super wide angle lenses.

The MatteBox requires support from the Chrosziel DSLR Lighweight Support.

MB 450 Mattebox Family Brochure Chrosziel DSLR Accessories Brochure
Click Here to download the PDF

Click Here to download the PDF
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