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Bright Tangerine Hard Mattes (Misfit Kick)

Code: BRI/B1235.1018

A set of five hard mattes for the Misfit Kick to add extra flare protection and maintain contrast.


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Maintain contrast and add extra flare protection with hard mattes for the Misfit Kick.

The pack includes five mattes for shooting with each covering a range of focal lengths. Each matte is labelled with low contrast markings to avoid detection when shooting reflective surfaces.

The mattes are extremely lightweight, designed to work with or without light shields for maximum flare control, allowing you to remain compact to ensure you are prepared for any scenario.

Constructed from high grade ABS sheets and coated with a matte finish on the inside and a UV textured ultra-matte finish on the outside to avoid reflections.


Weight (kg)0.24
Dimensions23.5 x 14.5 x 0.2