Rentals Going Strong

Lemac Rentals offices across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have been running hot over the past several months with an array of series and feature work.

Always offering a wide range of camera and accessory options, this has been reflected in the recent run of productions utilizing our rental gear: Rake season 2 (Alexa), Reef Doctors (Aaton Xtera), Around The Block (RED Epic), A Place to Call Home (Sony F65 – first series in Australia to shoot with this camera), Time of Our Lives (Alexa), Mako Mermaids (Alexa), and Jack Irish (Alexa) to name a few.

At Lemac our goal is to be the number 1 provider of camera equipment for series and features shot in Australia, not simply through quantity of jobs we do, but in the quality of the service we provide.

Photograph: Carolyn Constantine shooting second unit on Rake series 2. Photo: Ben Timony.