Reef Doctors underway

Production has begun on Reef Doctors, a new series from Jonathan M Shiff Productions and ZDF Television, which will be due to air on Network Ten in 2012.

Jonathan M Shiff describes Reef Doctors as “a very warm-hearted medical action adventure series about a group of people on a remote tropical island who live at the frontier of medical science as well as the frontier of nature. It’s really a series that explores the dedication of one particular woman, Sam Stewart, the doctor that Lisa [McCune] plays, and her dedication to finding cures in the natural world that could make breakthroughs in various diseases such as MS and cancer and so on."

This new series is aimed at family audiences, bridging the gap between serious drama and children's television. It is a major production, with a large portion of filming taking place on the water using multiple boats and helicopters at any given time.

Lemac Brisbane has supplied Aaton Xtera super-16 film cameras for all above water filming, as well as a Red One MX for underwater shooting.

Filming is taken place around far north Queensland and the Gold Coast.