Rake Series 2

Lemac Sydney is providing camera rental for the second season of Rake, to be shown on ABC later this year. Produced by Essential Media and Entertainment (Jack Irish), Rake tells the story of self-destructive barrister Cleaver Greene, played by Richard Roxburgh. Production is scheduled to begin in April.

Producer/director Peter Duncan said it was great to be back in production. "Once again we have an opportunity to channel our various depravities into Cleaver – rather than exercise them ourselves. This is a considerable relief for our friends and loved ones,” he said in a statement.

Rake season 2 joins the growing list of TV series shooting on Lemac’s Arri Alexa camera package (The Slap, Low Down, Jack Irish). Early adopters (as usual!) of the Alexa system, Lemac staff are highly knowledgeable in getting the best out of these cameras for TV production and are excited about providing support for this upcoming series.

Picture: DoP Martin McGrath ACS on set of Rake 2. Photo courtesy of Ben Timony.