Experience the Ultra High Resolution Future at SMPTE 2013

Join Lemac at SMPTE 2013, Stand G61 for a look into the world of 4K and beyond.

Lemac has always been at the leading edge of new production technology and 2013 is the year of 4K.  Lemac Film and Digital will have a complete hands-on experience focussing on 4K acquisition, post-production and viewing solutions from Lens to Lounge room.

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Boasting Australia’s most diverse and advanced fleet of production rental equipment, the Lemac range of fully kitted camera systems will be on show.

The display will include Sony’s new and very versatile PMW-F55 camera capable of recording HD/2K/4K, the flagship Sony F65 with its highest resolution 8K sensor, and the Canon EOS C500 Cinema Camera with raw recorder, all of which are available for sale and rental.  Also on deck will be our production build Red Epic 5K with the Pro I/O module, the Canon 1D-C 4K DSLR, Arri AlexaBlackmagic Cinema Camera and more.


High resolution sensors are only as useful as the lenses in front of them and Lemac will be featuring the newest additions to the sales and rentals line ups. The Zeiss Compact Range of large sensor 4K-ready prime and zoom lenses has recently been expanded with the Zeiss 28-80mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom, complimenting the Zeiss 70-200mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom which was released earlier this year. From Canon, and also available for sale and rental, we have the premier series 4K Compact 15.5-47mm & 30-105mm T2.8 zooms, together with the 14.5-60mm T2.6 and 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 zooms. The Cooke Mini S4i primes will also be on show, delivering lightweight, fast aperture, 4K suitability and ‘The Cooke Look’ at a very reasonable price.

Also on display will be the new Fujinon FPL 85-300mm Cabrio lens, IBE Optics B4 to PL Optical Adapter (powered by AbelCine), and the Optitek Canon Prolock for mounting Canon EF lenses on the Sony F3, F5 and 55.

Live 4K Production & Post

Lemac will also be showing real time 4K content in all its glory. We’ll have a MacBookPro piping 4K images via Thunderbolt through an Ultrastudio 4K out to a Sony 4K Display. We’ll also be showcasing the Blackmagic Ultra HD system which works live, switching multiple 4K feeds to demonstrate a 4K real time production environment. All of this, alongside the YoYotta ID data management system which makes handling large 4K RAW data backups a breeze.


HEVC is the new generation codec for 4K and 8K. Lemac will have HEVC material available for viewing to give our customers an idea of what the future holds in terms of streaming, broadcasting video to the end user and into your lounge room!


Come and see the truly impressive 84” 4K and very affordable 55” 4K TV from Sony. These are in the market place now and ready to purchase.

With the major manufacturers investing so heavily in 4K and the resolution of the iPad and other displays going far beyond 1080p HD, 4K content is more accessible to consumers than ever before. As always, Lemac are positioned at the forefront of this new technology so drop by stand G61 to talk about the 4K revolution and how it will affect you.

From Transvideo the new Transvideo Rainbow HD 7" SBL Monitor is a new, lighter, smaller, economical model with a 7-inch screen. The sculptural handle lets you hold it comfortably in almost any position, keeps your fingerprints off the screen, and looks great.

As part of the 4K spectacular Lemac will be showing exclusive 4K content including F65 music clips, 4K anamorphic content, some surprise material created from 35mm film scans, and 4K short films including 'Dig' shot on F55, 'The Ticket' shot on 1DC and 'Man & Beast' shot on C500. We will also have some incredible slow-motion footage shot on Phantom Flex4K camera and much more.


Following on from the very successful Dedo roadshow held earlier this year, a very large range of Dedo lights will be on hand for demonstration.

These will include the new Dedo DLED range of focsusing lights starting with the DLED 2.1D 20W, DLED4.1D Daylight  & DLED4.1 Bi-Colour, DLED 9.1D Daylight and the powerful DLED12.1D Daylight fixtures.

We will also have the extremely popular Dedo Z180 on board LED lights and versatile Dedo Ledzillas, Dedo’s LED ‘Felloni’ Daylight and Bi-Colour Standard and Bi-Colour High Output panel range as well as purpose built soft-lights as well as timeless classics like the legendary DLH4 150W and 400W.

Also featured will be the new large panel Fill Lite 200 LED softlights.


Lemac’s sound specialists will be showing off the latest new for sound acquisition. These will include the Zaxcom Maxx, the Nomad 10, Zaxcom Camera Link TRX900CL, QRX100S receiver and ERX2 IFB system.  You can also come and meet Zaxcom end users at the Lemac stand with complete Zaxcom set-up - Nomad, camera link and wireless mics.  Drop by and chat to a Zaxcom user to discover the full potential of the Zaxcom system.

Stay in the digital domain with digital mics from Neumann and Sennheiser, digital wireless transmission and digital recording from Zaxcom.

Also get hands-on with the Tascam DR-60D recorder, Shure VP89 & VP83 LensHopper microphones and headphones & accessories from Rycote, Rode, Ambient, Swit and more.

Camera Support and Accessories

New from Steadicam, the Steadicam Tango, together with the new Archer 2 SP, Zephyr–V, Scout HD and the new Steadicam Curve for GoPro available soon from Lemac sales.

As always, experienced Steadicam operators will be on the Lemac stand to demonstrate all the new rigs on display.

We’ll also have the very popular cameraman’s original back-saver EasyRig on display.

Lemac are now agents for the range of BOXX TV wireless microwave links and you'll be able to see the Meridian transmitter and portable Receiver system working on the Steadicam range.

Supporting the cameras will be the newest tripod systems from Miller and Sachtler.  We’ve got the new Miller AiR, Compass, Skyline and Solo systems.  We’ll have the Ace M and Ace L tripod systems from Sachtler and the popular O’Connor 2575 heavy-duty head. On display will be the new award winning Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller, Cineslider 3ft and PhilipBloom pocket dolly range. The new Wally Dolly Compact will also be there to see.

New from SWIT, high-current capacity Lithium batteries for the ALEXA and RED cameras as well as their low-profile Swit 95WH batteries to suit the new Sony F-series camera footprint.

From Bright Tangerine, we'll have the wonderful carbon fibre Misfit and Strummer Matte Boxes, as well as the newly arrived Tilta range of affordable rigs and production kits that will turn your basic camera into a full production rig. We’ve got the rigs and cages for the Sony F5/F55, Sony FS700, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Canon C300/C500 on the stand.  Also all the latest from the Zacuto range of camera and DSLR support accessories.

Recorders like the awesome new 4K capable Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and AJA Ki Pro Quad will be onboard cameras as well as the Hyperdeck Studio Pro for ProRes 4K content. Onboard HD recorder options also include the new Atomos Samurai Blade and Ninja 2.

Last but most certainly not least we’ll have the industry’s most popular Magliner production trolleys from Backstage. On show will be a range of trollies covering the requirements of Steadicam operators, grips and gaffers, DITs and camera assistants. Sig from Backstage will be on our booth ready to assist you with your enquiries.

Come and get hands on with all the exciting new gear and talk to us at stand G61 about the huge range of new technology we rent, sell, service and support.

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