Sony F65 CineAlta Camera


Sony's flagship 4K CineAlta camera system. Provides 4K, 2K and HD recording to SR Memory, giving extraordinary exposure latitude, dynamic range and wide colour gamut for high-end digital cinema and HD production.
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Sony's F65 signals the beginning of a new era of high resolution image capture. It sets new standards for resolution, exposure latitude, dynamic range and colour gamut. Lemac are proud to present this offering, Sony's first to provide file-based 4K RAW record, as well as the SR Codec for efficient HD record to the exceptionally robust solid-state SR Memory format.

4K is just the beginning

The F65 exceeds the resolution of any previous digital motion picture camera (as of August 2011), the result of a remarkable Sony Super 35 image sensor. Sony has been developing semiconductor image sensors since 1973 and manufacturing commercial quantities since 1985. Through all the decades, their design goal has always been to match the photographic quality of 35mm film. But now they're setting their sights even higher: to surpass the limits of human vision. The F65 image sensor is the first of this new breed.

Exposure latitude and sensitivity

Conventionally, increased resolution comes at the sacrifice of other photographic qualities. But the F65 is no conventional camera. It takes advantage of Sony's expertise in creating ever smaller photosites with ever higher performance in sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. Thanks to Sony CMOS advances, the F65 empowers the cinematographer with prodigious exposure latitude, high sensitivity and extremely low noise.

Extended color gamut

In kindergarten, you probably wanted the biggest box of crayons. In digital cinematography, you definitely want it. Many HD cameras are limited to the Rec.709 color space. While this produces broadcast-legal color for television productions, it still falls short of motion picture film. The Sony F65 transcends this limitation. The camera features a new Color Filter Array on the sensor, along with a 3D lookup table (LUT) and proprietary color management systems. In this way, the F65 can shoot in either Rec.709 or F65 Gamut, which actually exceeds the SMPTE specification for color negative film in every direction.
SR Memory Cards


While others design cameras, Sony designs comprehensive production systems that anticipate your needs from the set to postproduction, delivery and archiving. That's why the F65 camera is designed to work with the docking SR-R4 SRMASTER field recorder, which captures your work to solid-state SRMemory™ cards. Here is file-based recording of phenomenal versatility, capacity and image quality. Best of all, the SR-R4 is just one part of a comprehensive, next-generation production system that includes field recorders, studio decks, a transfer station as well as the SRMemory™ cards. The SRMASTER system represents a significant in advance in two distinct production styles: episodic TV and cinema.

Rotary shutter option

Typical CMOS sensor cameras are prone to "rolling" shutter defects, where the exposure timing of each row of pixels is slightly offset from the next. Row after row, these differences can trigger geometric distortion in moving objects or camera movements, particularly visible in the horizontal movement of objects with strong vertical lines. Rolling shutter artifacts are especially troublesome in 3D mirror rigs, where one camera is upside down. The artifacts in the left camera don't match those in the right, causing unwanted disparities. Rolling shutter also incurs "flash banding" where a strobe light illuminates only a horizontal band across the frame. As with other Sony cameras, the F65 uses an advanced CMOS design to reduce rolling shutter artifacts to a bare minimum.

Choice of picture composition

The F65 adheres to the 1.9:1 aspect ratio of the DCI projection standard (4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080). This canvas enables a choice of picture composition as needed: 1.85:1, 1.78:1, 1.66:1, 1.33:1, 2.35 spherical, 1.3x anamorphic, or 2x anamorphic cropped.

Up to 120 frames per second

To support slow motion and fast motion, the F65 provides over- and undercranking at frame rates of 1 to 60 frames per second (4Kx2K resolution), and up to 120 frames per second (4Kx1K resolution). In both modes, you get high-speed shots without "windowing," crop factor or change of effective focal length.

What they're saying about the F65

"The F65 is the first camera I've seen that elevates the platform to achieve something that might not only be comparable to 35mm film in all of its spectacular glory and 4K scan resolution, but also might even exceed it." —Curtis Clark, ASC

Proudly supported by Lemac

Lemac are proud to be able to present this high-end cinema camera to our sales customers and will extend our first-rate customer service and support to our F65 sales clients. We believe this camera is a big step forward in motion picture imaging technology and we applaud Sony on their efforts. The images we have seen come out of this camera are superb.


Sony F65 Camera @ NAB 2012 from Lemac Film and Digital on Vimeo.


F65 for Cinema F65 for TV
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SR Master Family
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The CineAlta brand is synonymous with the best in image acquisition around the world and we are proud to present the F65...


20 Megapixel 8K sensor

14 stops High Dynamic Range with much wider colour gamut

Rotary shutter model (F65RS) to remove motion artifacts; 4 ND filters built-in with rotary shutter.

HD-SDI output with viewing LUT for on-set monitoring with focus assist zoom.

60 Minutes of 16 bit Linear RAW file recording onto a 1TB SRMemory card at 24FPS

IIF ACES Workflow

Wi-fi operation for remote control operation from tablet devices (including Sony Tablets and Apple iPad using the Sony XM Pilot)