EF Mount Lenses

  • Canon L-Series Prime f1.4 Kit

    Premium full-frame stills lenses from Canon.

    Kit includes:

    • 24mm
    • 35mm
    • 50mm
    • 85mm

  • 14mm Canon L-Series MKII F2.8 Wide Angle

    Full-frame wide angle lens with premium optics to suppress chromatic abberation and achieve high resolution and contrast.

  • 24-70mm MKII Canon L-Series F2.8 Zoom

    Full-frame EF lens with internal focussing mechanism, allowing it to remain stationary while focussing, and wide focal length.

  • 24-105mm Canon L-Series F4 Zoom

  • 70-200mm MKII Canon L-Series F2.8 Zoom

    The companion lens to the 24-70mm, the 70-200mm features superb optical performance with extremely well-controlled vignetting, chromatic aberration and flare

  • Canon CN-E Primes Lens Kit

    Featuring a compact and consistent lens design - sharing the same gear position, front diameter and rotation angle across the range - the Cinema Prime lenses offer a form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production.

  • Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime T2.1 Kit

    Zeiss's CP.2s offer superb optical quality in a lightweight form factor. 4 lens, 5 lens, 6 lens &7 lens kits available.

    Available in either EF or PL mount type.

  • Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime Superspeed T1.5 Kit

    The aperture of T1.5 gives you an even wider range of creative possibilities when shooting in low light environments or when aiming to achieve a cinematic shallow depth of field. Kit includes:

    • 35mm
    • 50mm
    • 85mm

    Available in either EF or PL mount type


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