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Lemac offers both specialized and general support for our customers and the broader community.


News & Events

  • The Cooke Look - An Evening with Les Zellan

    Event Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2015

    Les Zellan from Cooke Optics joins us for an evening discussing how their high-end, academy award winning cinema lenses are made. It is relevant to how all lenses are made and applies to all lens makers, but is centred on Cooke and it’s rich history of support for the film industry.

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  • Canon SMPTE Specials

    Canon has announced some cracking SMPTE special offers when purchasing their C100 MkII, C500 and 1D-C cameras. Purchase one of these cameras within the SMPTE period and get hundreds of dollars in bonus value - including free recorders and rebates!

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  • Lemac's 40th Birthday SMPTE 15 Giveaways!

    To help celebrate Lemac’s 40th year at the forefront of the Australian Film and Television industry we’re giving away some great prizes at and around the 2015 SMPTE show and conference. Not only have we got different prizes up for grabs, we’ve got different ways to enter! You can go in the draw to enter the prize that sounds best to you or go into the draw for all of them to increase your chances of getting some sweet, sweet free stuff.

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