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  • Ray Argall's 'Midnight Oil 1984'


    Staff from Lemac Melbourne packed into the Rivoli Cinema last night to check out a screening of Ray Argall’s feature documentary ‘Midnight Oil 1984’, proudly supported by Lemac. Ray has been a lifelong friend of ours and we were absolutely blown away by what he turned his archival footage into. Shot, edited and directed by Ray, ‘Midnight Oil 1984’ follows the band’s 1984 tour of their Red Sails album while telling the story of Peter Garrett’s involvement with the nuclear disarmament movement. Read More

  • Canon Announces New Cinema Products - Including Full Frame C700


    Canon has added 4 new products to it's Cinema lineup, including a new full-frame model of the C700, a 20mm T1.5 CN-E Lens and two new professional 4K reference displays equipped with 12G-SDI terminals. Canon today announced the launch of the new EOS C700 FF, the new flagship model of the Cinema EOS System lineup of professional digital cinematography products. The new model also has a PL mount version, the EOS C700 FF PL.  Read More

  • Red Monstro W8K VV Now Available at Lemac Rentals


    The Red Monstro brain packs a punch, weighing in at under 1.5 kilos (thanks to its ‘woven’ ultra-lightweight carbon fibre body) with an all new photosite array (35.4 Megapixel 40.96mm × 21.60mm) CMOS Sensor capable of recording full 8K up to 60fps. With stunning colour accuracy and improvements in shadow detail and overall image quality, the Montro is truly a monster. Read More

  • The Family – Screening and Q&A with DoP Jaems Grant ACS


    The Family tells the story of an incendiary, heartbreaking investigation into one of Australia’s most notorious cults, and the scars its survivors still bear today. The Family was shot by Jaems Grant ACS and was proudly supported by Lemac Rentals. ACS Victoria will be presenting a screening of ‘The Family’ followed by a Q&A with cinematographer Jaems Grant ACS and Director Rosie Jones. Read More

  • iPowerUS IP9V-700 Rechargeable 9V Batteries - Back in stock!


    After a supplier shortage, the iPowerUS IP9V-700 are now back in stock and available for purchase. The IP9V-700 from iPower is an Ultra High Capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery intended for professional use. Lithium Polymer batteries use a gel-type electrolyte which has an energy density that is 20% more than typical Lithium Ion batteries and approximately 3 times better than NiCad or NiMh. Read More

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