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  • The Lemac Ex-Rental Sale is on now!


    Lemac’s giant ex-rental equipment sale is on and just in time for the EOFY incentives. The government's recently announced small business tax incentives (see below) apply to used as well as new equipment, so this is the perfect chance to secure some well-maintained used equipment as Lemac rentals clears the shelves for even more new and exciting gear. Read More

  • Zaxcom Releases ERX Software v2.0


    Zaxcom's original concept for ther ERX series was that it would be used in close range of a ZaxNet transmitter, always jamming to the timecode source to maintain perfect sync or to hold sync for short periods of time when it was out of range. As the system gained in popularity users started requesting that the ERX would hold its sync for a longer periods of time so it could be used as a standalone sync box - so Zaxcom obliged! Read More

  • Miller tripod trade-in promo – buy now and save 20%*


    There’s never been a better time to upgrade your tripod than right now, thanks to the Miller trade in promotion announced today! If you’ve been putting off buying a new tripod and putting up with sticks that are heavy, unreliable, worn out and tired now is the time to upgrade to a brand new 100 or 150mm tripod system. For a limited time, Miller are offering a huge 20% trade-in off the price of a new tripod system. Read More

  • NSW NAB Review - Livestreamed by Lemac


    After a series of very successful events in Hobart, Melbourne and Brisbane, the final NAB Review event is coming to the ACS Headquarters in Sydney - THIS THURSDAY 21st May at 6:00pm. We will also be livestreaming the event for those who missed out or can't attend. Read More

  • Considering Canon? Check Out their great finance offer


    For a limited time, you can get a 5.90% effective interest rate on a selected range of Cinema EOS cameras, Cinema EOS zoom lenses and their 4K reference monitor. Read More

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