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  • iPowerUS IP9V-700 Rechargeable 9V Batteries - Back in stock!


    After a supplier shortage, the iPowerUS IP9V-700 are now back in stock and available for purchase. The IP9V-700 from iPower is an Ultra High Capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery intended for professional use. Lithium Polymer batteries use a gel-type electrolyte which has an energy density that is 20% more than typical Lithium Ion batteries and approximately 3 times better than NiCad or NiMh. Read More

  • Lemac Congratulates 2017 ASSG Winners


    Lemac would like to congratulate the nominees and winners of the 2017 ASSG Awards. In particular, we would like to extend a very special congratulations to the crew of Deep Water (episode 4) who picked up the Lemac sponsored Best Sound for a Television Drama Series. Read More

  • Sachtler Introduces New Flowtech Tripod System


    Sachtler has just introduced flowtech™ — an all-new camera tripod technology with unique quick release brakes and easy adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using the tripod in an instant.  Read More

  • Lemac Service Performs Steadicam Segway Conversion


    One of our longstanding Melbourne customers, Antony Zhao recently approached Lemac Sales to enquire about the installation of a Steadiseg conversion on his recently purchased Segway. Always looking for opportunities to provide our clients with unique solutions, Lemac's experienced in-house service team jumped at the opportunity to work on the project. Read More

  • Free Windshield With Selected Rode Mics!


    RODE is giving away a FREE WINDSHIELD with selected microphone purchases! Read More

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