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Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes

Set Options

4, 5, 6 or 7 Lens Set Available focal lengths: 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, 135mm

The Zeiss CP.2’s are based on the popular Zeiss ZF still lens series, mating a successfully established optical design to completely new cine standard mechanical housing. The CP.2’s came about right on the cusp of the DSLR revolution, and are the first lenses designed for DSLR use. The optical design means that all CP.2’s except for the 18mm offer full frame coverage, ready for use on modern large format cameras. Featuring T* anti-reflex coatings the CP.2’s offer good flare suppression, with high resolution, high contrast and low distortion. The CP.2’s feature an interchangeable lens mount system and are available from Lemac in EF or PL mount options. This combination of flexibility, reliability and affordability allowed the CP.2’s to become the most successful cinema lens series in history.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
15mm T2.9-22 12" 86mm 114mm 0.9kg PL or EF
18mm T3.6-22 12" 80mm 114mm 0.9kg PL or EF
21mm T2.9-22 10" 80mm 114mm 1kg PL or EF
25mm T2.9-22 7" 80mm 114mm 0.9kg PL or EF
28mm T2.1-22 10" 80mm 114mm 1kg PL or EF
35mm T2.1-22 12" 80mm 114mm 1kg PL or EF
50mm T2.1-22 18" 80mm 114mm 0.9kg PL or EF
85mm T2.1-22 3'3" 80mm 114mm 0.9kg PL or EF
100mm T2.1-22 2'6" 132mm 114mm 1.5kg PL or EF
135mm T2.1-22 3'4" 149mm 134mm 1.6kg PL or EF

Shot with Zeiss CP.2s Lenses