Rental T&Cs

Please click here to download our Rental Terms and Conditions.

Rentals FAQ


Why Do I Have to Register?

Registration is required to prove that you are who you say you are, qualify that you are experienced and proficient enough to use the equipment you are wanting to rent, will take responsibility for equipment in your care and be able to pay in a timely manner. Once registered, we are able to book equipment out to you and track it's usage history effectively. Click here to be directed to our registration form download page.

I think I rented from you before, do I have to register?

We can easily check in our database if you have or have not rented from us. If you have, then registration is not required. If we cannot locate your details in the system, you will need to register.

Can I register and rent the same day?

Generally not. We require time to reach your references and process your form properly. Recommended submission time is 3 – 5 days prior to rental.

I have purchased goods from you before, do I still need to register?

Yes. A rental agreement is very different from a sales one, requiring an acceptance of rental terms and conditions (see link above) and reference checks to ensure rental equipment will be well-looked after.

I am a student, is registration still required?

If your institution has registered with Lemac as a customer and you are renting for course usage, you will need to provide your student card and 100 point ID check to rent under the student profile. Student hires are still subject to security deposit on a case-by-case basis. If you are a student but not renting for use in your course, you will need to register individually.

Will references be accepted if they are a part of the crew working on my production?

In most circumstances, references from crew members of the current production will not be accepted.

What referees would you recommend?

Industry-based companies you may have dealt with, industry professionals with whom you have worked, university lecturers, etc.


Why is the security deposit $2,200?

$2,200 is the amount of excess you are covered for when using the 10% damage waiver provided by Lemac. Since we do not know you yet, taking this deposit helps protect Lemac against the difficulties of seeking this payment in the unfortunate event where an insurance claim is required.

How does the deposit work?

We usually take the deposit as a transaction from a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express (with a 3.3% surcharge on Amex). You can also pay via internet transfer or cheque with 5 business days to clear. Deposits are refunded once gear has been checked back in to the same condition as when it left, and not required thereafter unless under special circumstances.

What does the damage waiver cover?

The 10% damage waiver covers you for general filming use with an excess of up to $2,200. It does not cover you for underwater or around water filming, or any filming where the obvious potential risk of damage to equipment is apparent. For overseas filming, Lemac reserves the right to increase cost of damage waiver up to 20% of rental if deemed necessary.

Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes. To have your own insurance, you must provide Lemac with a Certificate of Currency which covers the insurance value of the equipment (stated on your rental quote) plus 13 weeks loss of hire. Insurance must clearly state cover of equipment for use in film and television production (public liability is not accepted.)


Can I pay afterwards?

Not yet. All first-time hires are conducted on a Cash on Delivery basis. Once we have established a business relationship with you, you will be eligible to apply for credit.

How do I set up a credit limit with Lemac?

Contact us and we can email you a credit application form.

Can I get an invoice prior to returning equipment?

In short, no. Your Rental Contract is the same document which will become your invoice upon completion of the hire, and in most cases can be used as a ‘proxy’ for an invoice until this is issued. Because the product we are providing (equipment rental), is not considered complete until the equipment has been returned and checked in, an invoice will only be generated once this happens.