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Sony FX3


The Sony Cinema Line FX3 brings professional film-making tools into a compact hand held design. With a unique cage free body users can enjoy a variety of mounting options directly to the camera itself.

Key Features

  • 12.1MP Full-Frame CMOS Exmor R Sensor
  • UHD 4K up to 120 | 1080p up to 240
  • Compact Form for Cage-Free Operation
  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC S-I,16-Bit Raw Output
  • S-Cinetone/S-Log3/HLG, 15+ Stops DR


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The Sony Cinema Line FX3 brings professional film-making tools into a compact hand held design. With a unique cage free body users can enjoy a variety of mounting options directly to the camera itself. The built-in fan ensures all day shooting and the removable top handle provides professional XLR audio inputs as well as 3x additional 1/4-20 UNC mounting points.

Professional & Compact

Frequently used keys located on the top face enables easy thumb operation.Other controls to enable convenient right-hand operation e.g. MENU button, focus magnifier, etc. Customizable REC button on the front of the camera for easy recording by a solo operator

Uninterrupted 4K 60p Recording

The FX3 combines a fan for active cooling with a heat dissipatingstructure for passive cooling to efficiently cool the entire systemand prevent heat buildup so that recording will not be interruptedby thermal shutdown. The cooling system effectively removesheat from the image sensor and image processing engine, allowinguninterrupted 4K 60p recording without thermal shutdown.

Anti-dust system

The filter in front of the image sensor oscillates at an ultrasonic frequencyof 70,000 cycles per second, powered by a revised drivesystem that effectively removes dust and particles from the filtersurface. The anti-dust system is automatically activated wheneverthe camera is turned on, and can be activated manually via amenu whenever required. Effective cleaning means that lenses canbe changed when shooting movies without having to worry aboutdust that can require tedious retouching during post-production.

Durable magnesium alloy chassis

High body durability has been achieved through the use ofa lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy for the top cover,front cover, internal frame, and rear cover. Accessory attachmentscrew holes and rings are machined from a hardstainless steel for maximum wear-resistance and reliability.The lens mount is attached by six screws for extra strengthand rigidity that can handle heavy super-telephoto lenses.

Dust and moisture proof

In response to feedback from working professionals, dustand moisture resistance refinements have been implementedthroughout the body. Sealing is provided at allbody seams as well as the battery compartment cover,and the media slot has a double sliding cover andlock lever to keep water out. Cooling airflow from inlet toexhaust is completely isolated from the body interior.

16-bit RAW recording

16-bit RAW output is in 4264 x 2408 (16:9 aspect ratio)resolution, easily covering 4096 x 2048 DCI-4K.Frame rates of 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, or 24p can be selectedas required. The FX3 can simultaneously output 16-bit RAW video while internally recording XAVC HS 4K/XAVC S 4K / XAVC S-I 4K as well as recording proxy files.

XLR adaptor with digital audio interface

The supplied XLR handle unit adds two XLR audioinputs to the FX3, enabling high-quality audiorecording. Camera settings provide a number ofaudio recording formats, including 4-channel 24-bit recording.The available formats are 48 kHz/16 bit/2 channel,48 kHz/24 bit/2 channel, and 48 kHz/24 bit/ 4 channel.

Resolution Actual: 12.1 Megapixel
Effective: 10.2 Megapixel
Mount Type Sony E
Frame Rate UHD: 1 Up to 120 fps
1080p (Windowed): 1 Up to 240 fps
Recording Media Dual Slot: CFexpress Type A
Recording Codecs XAVC
Sensor Full-Frame CMOS
Base Sensitivity 80 to 102,400 (Native)
80 to 409,600 (Expanded)
Exposure Latitude 15 Stops
Weight 715g