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Sigma Cine FF High Speed Primes

Set Options

10 Lens Set 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm

The Sigma Cine Full Frame High Speed Primes build off of the success of the Sigma Art series. Rivaling some other established prime sets with their stunning image quality and compact construction, the Sigma Cine Primes are a great option for all manner of production. The look is sharp, and yet smooth, without the harshness sometimes associated with high resolution lenses. While resolving 6K resolution, they also offer full-frame coverage and a fast aperture. This makes the Sigma Cine Primes a very versatile and yet budget conscience option for large format cinematography.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
14mm T2-16 11" 111.5mm 95mm 1.3kg PL
20mm T1.5-16 11" 110mm 95mm 1.2kg PL
24mm T1.5-16 10" 87mm 95mm 1kg PL
28mm T1.5-16 1' 100mm 95mm 1.3kg PL
35mm T1.5-16 1' 87mm 95mm 1kg PL
40mm T1.5-16 1'4" 123mm 95mm 1.5kg PL
50mm T1.5-16 1'4" 94mm 95mm 1.5kg PL
85mm T1.5-16 2'10" 94mm 95mm 1.2kg PL
105mm T1.5-16 3'4" 126mm 95mm 1.7kg PL
135mm T2-16 2'11" 107mm 95mm 1.4kg PL

Shot with Sigma Cine High Speed Primes