Ronford 150mm Tripod Kit

A tripod for all environments, the Ronford-Baker 150mm Tripod

Kit includes:

  • Ronford 150mm Tall Legs
  • Ronford 150mm Medium Legs
  • Ronford 150mm Hi-hat


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Head fittings 150mm bowl supplied as standard. Mitchell (MOY) plate also available on request.

Tall Legs

  • Minimum Height: 91cm
  • Maximum Height: 168cm

Medium Legs

  • Minimum Height: 50cm
  • Maximum Height: 90cm

Technical Specifications

Castings LM25 anodised, stove enamelled black texture.
Tubes ¾” dia x 16swg HE30TF alloy, polished and anodised, with nylon wipers and nylon locking pads.
Locking levers Anodised and stove enamelled black texture.
Construction All steel parts are hardened where necessary, and chrome plated.
Spreader Construction Made from high tensile anodised aluminium with large diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust length of spread; steel parts hardened and heavily chromium plated.
Spreader Dimensions Centre to foot:
  • Minimum: 1’5” (43cm)
  • Maximum: 2’1” (64cm)