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P+S Technik Kowa “Evolution” 2x Anamorphic Primes

Set Options

6 Lens Set 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm

The new P+S Technik Kowa “Evolution” 2x Anamorphic Primes are based on the original optical designs of the vintage 1960’s Kowa Anamorphic’s. Produced in Japan up until the 1970’s, the original Kowas were a true 2x front anamorphic design which produced an image warm in colour with low contrast. The flare is also warm as opposed to the blue flare seen in other anamorphic designs. P+S Technik has extensive experience rehousing the original Kowas, so combining their experience with modern mechanical design to the original Kowa optical design is the perfect evolution. The look and bokeh of the “Evolution” series match the genuine 2 x anamorphic look of the original Kowas. Like the originals they are low in contrast and warm in color and can be made to flare. In addition to the 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm of the original set, the new P+S Technik “Evolution” series has expanded by including two new focal lengths, a 32mm and 135mm. With a compact form factor and modest price, the P+S Technik Kowa “Evolution” series are a great match for your next anamorphic project.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
32mm T2.4-22 2'3" 112mm 110mm 1.75kg PL
40mm T2.2-22 3' 146mm 80mm 1kg PL
50mm T2.2-22 3' 155mm 80mm 1kg PL
75mm T2.2-22 3' 203mm 80mm 1.2kg PL
100mm T3.2-22 5' 215mm 80mm 1.4kg PL
135mm T3.5-22 5' 294mm 80mm 2.5kg PL

Lens Test Footage