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Mamiya Sekor-C 645 Cine-Modded PL Mount Primes

Set Options

8 Lens Set 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 70mm, 80mm, 110mm, 150mm, 210mm

Japanese camera company Mamiya was founded in May 1940 by camera designer Seiichi Mamiya.

They have been making camera's and glass for medium format photography for over six decades and are now often regarded as collectors’ items. Their 645 format camera's and lenses were cheaper than the German options available via the Zeiss CONTAX 645 or Hasselblad brand lines.

The Mamiya Sekor-C's were first launched in 1975 and their revisions were sold through until the last M645 camera was launched in 2000, after which the Mamiya photography line was purchased in 2009 by Danish company Phase One.

Known for their striking images, the Mamiya Sekor-C 645 format lenses have seen a new life emerge as they were used in several cinema rehousing projects from companies such as ARRI Rental and TLS.

This set of Cine-Modded Sekor-C 645 lenses is available in PL Mount.

All feature stepped up 80mm front dress rings and industry standard m0.8 pitch focus gears.

*Note - manual focus only.

Available now from Lemac Rentals.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum
Object Distance
Length Front Diameter Weight Mount Type
35mm f3.5 - 22 1'6" 61.5mm 80mm 445g PL
45mm f2.8 - 22 1'9" 78mm 80mm 540g PL
55mm f2.8 - 22 1'9" 71mm 80mm 395g PL
70mm f2.8 - 22 2'9"' 50mm 80mm 395g PL
80mm f1.9 - 22 2'3" 59mm 80mm 420g PL
110mm f2.8 - 22 4' 60mm 80mm 390g PL
150mm f4.0 - 32 5' 90.5mm 80mm 440g PL
210mm f4.0 - 32 8' 137mm 80mm 715g PL