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Leica-R Cine-Mod Primes

Set Options

6 Lens Set 24mm Elmarit-R, 28mm Elmarit-R, 35mm Summicron-R, 50mm Summicron-R, 90mm Summicron-R, 135mm Elmarit-R
80mm step-up rings included

A beautiful vintage set of lenses, each Leica-R lens has been modified with M0.8 focus gears, 80mm step-up rings and de-clicked apertures to make them usable with cinema gear and cameras.

The lenses feature a unique & highly aesthetic look that include a unique combination of vivid colours, sharp contrast, creamy fall-off, and lovely bokeh elements - qualities that give the lenses their unique personality, and favourable characteristics which make the lenses ideal for a number of different productions and settings.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
24mm F/2.8 12" -mm 80mm 0.50kg EF
28mm F/2.8 12" -mm 80mm 0.45kg EF
35mm F/2 12" -mm 80mm 0.55kg EF
50mm F/2 20" -mm 80mm 0.45kg EF
90mm F/2 2'6" -mm 80mm 0.65kg EF
135mm F/2.8 5' -mm 80mm 0.85kg EF

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