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GL Optics Rehoused Zeiss CONTAX Prime Lenses

Set Options

11 Lens Set 15mm T3.6, 21mm T2.9, 28mm T2.1, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 55mm T1.3, 60mm T2.9 Macro, 85mm T1.3, 100mm T2.1, 135mm T2.1, 180mm T2.0

Since 1932 the name CONTAX has set the benchmark for high end Zeiss quality. The Zeiss CONTAX series of rangefinder and SLR camera's were considered some of the finest in the world. Our unique set of 11 lenses come from the AE lens series introduced in 1975 when Zeiss partnered with Japanese camera manufacturer Yashica on the CONTAX / Yashica C/Y system. 

While Zeiss lenses are known for their sharpness and contrast, these CONTAX lenses offer the classic Zeiss look without being overly harsh or as clinical as modern design offerings. They have a lovely organic character that will make your images standout from the crowd.

These lenses share a lot of design influence with the legendary Zeiss High Speed T1.3 or "Super Speed" lenses which also were released in 1975 in their first iteration as the "B-Speeds". In fact our kit features the very rare 55mm f1.2 Anniversary design (of which only 1000 were made) as well as the 85mm f1.2 Anniversary design (of which only 1500 were made).  

This set of "Full Frame Super Speeds" is the biggest and most unique rehoused set of Zeiss CONTAX in Australia.

Lens Specs

Focal Length Aperture MOD Length mm Front Diameter mm Weight Kgs Mount Type
15mm T3.6 - 32 7" 86mm 95mm 1.17kg PL or EF
21mm T2.9 - 22 10" 85mm 95mm 985g PL or EF
28mm T2.1 - 22 10" 75mm 95mm 945g PL or EF
35mm T1.5 - 16 13" 89mm 95mm 1.11kg PL or EF
50mm T1.5 - 16 17" 73mm 95mm 737g PL or EF
55mm  T1.3 - 16 22" 87mm 95mm 1.16kg PL or EF
60mm Macro T2.9 - 22 11" 129mm 95mm 1.40kg PL or EF
85mm T1.3 - 16 3' 3" 85mm 95mm 1.34kg PL or EF
100mm T2.1 - 22 2' 3" 106mm 95mm 1.17kg PL or EF
135mm T2.1 - 22 4' 9" 114mm 95mm 1.30kg PL or EF
180mm T2.9 - 22 3'6" 152mm 95mm 1.48kg PL or EF