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G.L. Optics Rehoused Leica-R Summicron Primes

Set Options

6 Lens Set 19mm V2 Elmarit-R, 28mm Elmarit-R, 35mm Summicron-R, 50mm Summicron-R, 90mm Summicron-R, 135mm Elmarit-R.
Available in PL or EF Mount

G.L. Optics Rehoused Leica-R Summicron Primes deliver images that flare beautifully and are sharp and well-corrected, but still very flattering on your subject. The lenses have been completely rehoused by GL Optics.

These are GL Optics 4th generation housings, which are superior to their old housings in every way. They are lighter, have smoother mechanics, and are more reliable than their predecessors. The lenses have 330 degree focus throw, 95mm fronts, PL or EF mounts, and matching gear positions. GL have improved close focus on almost every focal length, making nearly every lens focuses unbelievably close. These are professional cinema lenses ready for demanding productions. Only the GL Optics MK-IV housings cover Full Frame without vignetting on all focal lengths. These lenses cover Full Frame Sensors like ARRI Alexa LF, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro, Canon C500MKII, and Sony FX-9.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
19mm T2.9 12" - 95mm 0.8kg PL or EF
28mm T2.9 8" - 95mm 0.8kg PL or EF
35mm T2.1 19" - 95mm 1.2kg PL or EF
50mm T2.1 12" - 95mm 1.35kg PL or EF
90mm T2.1 8" - 95mm 1.35kg PL or EF
135mm T2.9 28" - 95mm 1.8kg PL or EF