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GL Optics Rehoused Canon FD Primes

Set Options

7 Lens Set 20mm NFD, 24mm FD SSC Aspherical, 28mm FD SSC, 35mm SCC Concave, 55mm FD SSC Aspherical, 85mm NFD L Aspherical, 135mm NFD.
Available in PL or EF Mount

The Canon VINTAGE-FD PL Mounted Prime lenses are some of the most advanced lens designs after more than 40 years from the first manufacturing date. The Canon FD ASPH Lenses incorporate a floating element design and aspherical glass for sharp images, and close range correction. These lenses are very similar in character, personality, and sharpness to the famed Canon K35 prime lenses, but the Canon FD lenses offer 330 degree focus throw and superior sharpness at the wide aperture settings. Out of focus highlights and bokeh are extremely pleasing, while offering an outstanding sharpness throughout the frame. The Canon VINTAGE-FD lenses help digital sensors achieve character and a “look” that is flattering to flesh tones and out of focus objects.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
20mm T2.9 10" 61mm 95mm 0.65kg PL or EF
24mm T1.5 12" 70mm 95mm 0.80kg PL or EF
28mm T2.1 11" 63mm 95mm 0.65kg PL or EF
35mm T2.1 11" 71mm 95mm 0.80kg PL or EF
55mm T1.3 16" 83mm 95mm 1.1kg PL or EF
85mm T1.3 3' 83mm 95mm 1.2kg PL or EF
135mm T2.1 3'3" 127mm 95mm 1.55kg PL or EF

Lens Test Footage