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GL Optics Rehoused Canon FD 50-300mm T4.9 Full Frame Zoom Lens

In 1982 Canon released its last lens off the FD production line, and they did not disappoint. The 50-300mm f/4.5L was Canon’s first super zoom with a 6x ratio. They used 2 special UD low dispersion/low diffraction elements to control chromatic aberrations in their 16 element/13 group design.

Genuine Canon S.S.C. coatings ensure this full frame zoom will match well with Canon K35 and FD prime lenses… making it the perfect companion to these popular lens sets. However, thanks to its character rich image, the Canon FD 50-300mm will also cut together well with any vintage lens sets from the 70’s and 80’s (Leica-R, Olympus OM, Nikon etc). The bold flares, pleasant bokeh, and gentle fall off make this zoom lens a great addition to every vintage lens package.

The close focus has been improved to just 6 feet, and the redesign is an all-internal design complete with 136mm front compatible with clamp-on matte boxes. The original 8 blade iris has been replaced with a 15 blade circular iris making for beautifully smooth bokeh with a subtle falloff.

The image circle generously covers the ARRI Alexa LF, the Sony Venice and the Red Monstro sensors.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
50-300mm T4.9 6' 136 5.59kg PL