Freefly Ember High Speed Camera Kit


Key Features

  • 5K up to 600fps | 4K up to 800fps
  • Compact footprint - 100mm cube / 800g
  • S35 Sensor


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A magical new way to capture high speed imagery. All new Sensor, Chassis, and App designed to go from capture to share as quickly as possible.

Ember is a 100mm cube, 800grams, and can shoot 4K 800fps, 5K 600fps

Powerful Workflow

Freefly decided early to keep Ember as small and simple as possible and focus on an app based workflow. Its faster, easier, and much more powerful.

Prepare for Take Off

Ember is made to fly on just about everything.

High Speed ≠ High Complexity

With Ember you simply press the record button, roll as long as you like, then share your best shots right from the app.

Taking Apple ProRes to New Speeds

Ember is the fastest camera to ever use the ProRes codec. It’s the perfect tradeoff of storage rates, image quality, and editing performance.

Resolution 4K/5K
Mount Type Universal Mount Compatible
Frame Rate 5K up to 600fps | 4K up to 800fps
Recording Media Internal NVMe SSD
Recording Codecs Apple ProRes
Sensor S35
Base Sensitivity 100, 200 & 400