EyeDirect Mark II

The EyeDirect Mark II is able to be used as a teleprompter or as a flexible way of maintaining eye contact with on-camera talent.

As a prompter, the Mark II supports iPads/tablets (not included) up to 7 x 10" and 3/8" thick. A 50/50 beamsplitter allows the talent to see text without it showing up on your image. Removing the iPad/tablet allows your on-camera talent to look directly at the camera, yet see the face the interviewer behind the camera.


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A flexible way of maintaining the eye contact with on-camera talent/interview subjects with your camera, the EyeDirect Mark II provides a way for your on-camera subject to see a variety of different images, all the while looking directly at your camera. Suitable for use with cameras from DSLR up to full-sized digital cinema cameras.

Key Features

  • Allows you set up with the interviewer behind the camera and off to either side, and still have the on-camera talent make eye contact with the interviewer. 
  • Can be set so that the interviewer can sit on either side of the camera without changing the functionality of the unit.
  • 40° of lateral adjustability and 35° of tilt adjustment so the interviewer to find a comfortable position while maintaining eye contact with the on-camera subject
  • Removing the wing allows you to install the tablet accessory, which in turns enables the unit to be used as a teleprompter