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Cooke 1.8x Anamorphic/i SF "Special Flare" Full Frame Plus Prime Lenses

Set Options

5 Lens Set 40mm T2.3, 50mm T2.3, 75mm T2.3, 100mm T2.3, 135mm T2.3
7 Lens Set 32mm T2.3, 40mm T2.3, 50mm T2.3, 75mm T2.3, 100mm T2.3, 135mm T2.3, 180mm T2.9
8 Lens Set 32mm T2.3, 40mm T2.3, 50mm T2.3, 75mm T2.3, 85mm T2.8 Macro, 100mm T2.3, 135mm T2.3, 180mm T2.3
Options Standalone Lenses 32mm T2.3, 85mm T2.8 Macro, 180mm T2.9

Expanding on their extremely popular 2x Super35 anamorphic primes, the new Full Frame 1.8x Cooke anamorphic primes are the next evolution in Full Frame lensing. Blending the classic “Cooke Look” characteristics with a 1.8x squeeze factor, that perfectly covers the 36x24mm Full Frame format, there is no denying that these lenses are the pinnacle of lens design.

With a 1.8x squeeze factor, these lenses allow for more use of your full frame camera imager than a 2x anamorphic, meaning an additional 20% in usable resolution on average. With the 1.8x squeeze you also don’t have to compromise, as these lenses feature all the anamorphic characteristics that we all love, such as oval bokeh and beautiful flares.

Speaking of flares, Lemac has both the standard and the SF “Special Flare” series of these full frame anamorphic primes. The SF lenses feature altered coatings internally which allow lights sources to flare a little more easily than the subtle standard series. Created in partnership between specialist rental house Camtec of Burbank, and Cooke Optics, the SF gives you an image that lands in between the standard “Cooke Look” and that of vintage 1970’s anamorphic options.

Both the standard and SF versions are all colour matched to each other, as well as to all other modern Cooke lenses… S4’s, S5’s, S7’s, Panchro/i Classic’s and Super35 2x Anamorphic Primes.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked Object Distance (Feet) Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
32mm T2.3-22 2'11" 206mm 136mm 4.2kg PL
40mm T2.3-22 2'11" 212mm 136mm 4.4kg PL
50mm T2.3-22 2'11" 204mm 110mm 4.0kg PL
75mm T2.3-22 3'3" 206mm 110mm 3.5kg PL
85mm T2.8-22


272mm 136mm 5.2kg PL
100mm T2.3-22 3'10" 228mm 110mm 3.8kg PL
135mm T2.3-22 4'10" 271mm 110mm 5.0kg PL
180mm T2.9-22 6'8" 314mm 110mm 6.2kg PL

Shot on Cooke 1.8x Anamorphic/i FF+