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Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic Primes - A Set

Set Options

3 Lens Set (with expander) 40mm, 65mm and 100mm, plus the Full Frame 1.6x Expander

At the heart of Atlas Lens Co. Orion Series is a true Front Anamorphic Group. The Orions feature a 2x anamorphic squeeze factor, and are designed for Super35 image capture. Using the included 1.6x Full Frame Expander, the Orion’s are compatible with the new range of Full Frame cameras on the market. Orion Series lenses deliver the striking beauty of the anamorphic format with a controlled but prominent flare. These optical characteristics are now available as part of your cinematic storytelling toolkit with a mechanical functionality that won't leave you feeling confounded by compromise. The Orion Series are a fantastic entry level into the world of anamorphic image capture.

Lens Specs

Aperture Minimum Marked
Object Distance
Length (mm) Front Diameter (mm) Weight (kgs) Mount Type
40mm T2-16 2' 189mm 114mm 2.1kg PL
65mm T2-16 2.5' 178mm 114mm 2.3kg PL
100mm T2-16 3.5' 254mm 114mm 3kg PL

Lens Test Footage