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camRade rainCover Small

Code: ALP/2709.0498

Universal protection cover for small sized digital cine cameras & professional full-frame camera systems. This set includes a main body cover, lens & battery extension covers, a separate LCD screen and viewfinder cover.

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Protect your Digital Cinema Camera against inclement weather with the rainCover Small. It is an absolute must have that will prevent water damage to your most valuable piece of equipment. With this rain cover, you can now protect your equipment from the elements without sacrificing your shot.

Through years of experience and working closely with multiple camera operators, camRade has improved their designs to perfect solutions for multiple applications. The rainCover Small is suitable for handheld camera work but is also great while your camera is attached on a tripod, slider, track system, JIB or any other camera support solution.

Durable and functional design

Always carry the camRade rainCover Small with you so you do not get caught out when the weather turns. The cover is supplied in a waterproof zippered pouch, which you can use to store and transport the cover. It is easy to attach and detach the cover, thanks to the convenient design. Leave the bottom open for easy access or close it with the double straps if the wind plays tricks. The blue sliding rail makes it possible to bring the buckles to the desired position when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Clamps around the lens hood

Thanks to its 30 cm (11.8”) rubber strip, the rainCover fits correctly on most lenses. The strap supplied with a hook-and-loop fastener makes it possible to tighten the cover on the lens but still lets you operate the lens, due to its spacious design. The supplied zippered lensC M extension, covers and protects longer lenses. camRade offers an additional camRade rainCover Extension Kit (SKU: CAM-RAINCVR-KIT) to protect handgrip unit, 5”and 7” monitors/recorders and longer lenses.

Protection goes beyond just the camera and lens

camRade has included two different viewfinder covers. A small simple cover for an LCD screen and advanced solution that covers 99% of today's external viewfinders & loupes. The rainCover Small includes a battery extension cover that offers the possibility to extend the camera up to 20cm (7,9”) at the back. This add-on makes it possible to protect larger batteries, transmitters, or other accessories from the rain.

Easy access to what is important

On the left side of the cover, a transparent window (19cm wide by 20cm high), allows you to have a clear view of the camera controls. The open bottom ensures that these controls are easy to operate.

Directly above the window is a hook-and-loop fastener for the viewfinder and/or LCD screen support arm to get out from the main cover. You can use one of the two supplied viewfinder covers to use the viewfinder in any position without restrictions. A vertical hook-and-loop fastener on the top of the cover gives you the option to use a top handle or other top-mounted accessories.

Next to the top handle opening is the protection for a standard on-camera shotgun microphone. This flap is also equipped with a 12cm wide hook-and-loop fastener to bring out cables and/or gives access to a cold / hot accessory shoe mount.

The right side of the rainCover Small has a vertical zipper that gives access to a possible handgrip and input/output connectors. A round opening with a drawstring at the back (above the battery) makes it possible to use an integrated viewfinder. The opening is large enough for the camera's eyecup and can also be used to use the camera's top handle for high shots.

Key Features

  • Universal rain cover for a wide range of Digital Cine Cameras & Full-Frame Camera Systems
  • Protection against inclement weather conditions
  • Made of water-resistant fabric with easy access to all essential controls and parts
  • Clear Vinyl windows, easy access to the camera handle and perfect for rigs
  • Adjustable buckles on rail, when the camera is mounted on a tripod
  • Strong Easy-on / Easy-off construction with hook and loop fasteners and black zippers
  • Optional camRade rainCover Extension Kit (SKU: CAM-RAINCVR-KIT) available
  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Brand camRade
Itemcode 2709.0498
Bruto weight 1
Net weight 1
HS code 4202929190 - Bags & Covers
Country of origin CN
Supplier item code CAM-RAINCVR-SMALL