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Zaxcom URX50 Personal IFB Receiver

Code: ZAX/URX50-H

Similar in size and look to the URX100 but with a feature set specifically geared for us as a personal IFB monitor receiver, the URX50 features crystal clear sound quality over a long distance. two selectable frequency bands, a built in speaker and a web based GUI, allowing for socially distanced operation on set.

H Model - 542 - 698 MHz

Suitable for use in Aus

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The URX50 is a UHF IFB audio receiver. It’s designed to give you the cleanest sounding IFB audio you’ve ever heard for critical listening on location, everyone on set will hear the difference! Its rugged construction with nylon filled material gives the case resistance to shock and pressure with the additional feature of being corrosion resistant. The case is easy to clean and disinfect for the safety of everyone.

Wireless Remote Control

A web based remote control GUI can wirelessly control the URX50s and URX100s. To use it, all you’ll need is a Zaxcom GUI Bridge connected to a TRXCL3. It’s extremely intuitive and can be used on any device with a web browser on it, you just type in the IP address and you’re good to go! The GUI controls things like naming your units and setting up channels that can be monitored by a URX. For example, you can let your script supervisor only listen to your cart mix, but you can allow the director to toggle between each of the talent mics and your mix if you want to. You have full control without ever having to be near to or touch the receiver once handed off.

There will be a demo of the GUI here very soon – stay tuned.


The URX50 was designed to work with the Zaxcom TRXCL3 transmitter for full functionality, but is compatible with any Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless transmitter. The UHF diversity receiver utilizes a tunable tracking front end filter to combat interference and extend range. Digital drop out protection ensures excellent range and audio fidelity. Two diversity antennas provide additional dropout resistance. Operating distances can easily exceed 500 feet (152 m).

IFB voting automatically selects reception from up to 3 separate transmitters, giving you a larger coverage area than can normally be obtained with reception from a single transmitter.

Monitoring Options

The URX50 has a mono headphone output and receives mono and stereo signals. Each unit can be remote programmed for individual users to monitor selected audio at the control of the sound department.

A high fidelity speaker on the rear of the unit for applications where monitoring without headphones is necessary. The unit can be programed so the speaker function can be enabled or disabled if the headphone is plugged in or removed. If this makes you nervous the function can be disabled so the users can’t activate it.

The high SPL output headphone driver is ideal for noisy locations and it can drive headphones with as low as 16 ohms of impedance. Volume can be adjusted using the front push buttons or with the URX1 Lanyard.

URXL1 Lanyard

The optional URXL1 Lanyard can be used with the URX50 for adjusting volume control. Any headphone with a 3.5mm jack can be plugged into the URXL1 Lanyard.

IFB Finder

Have you ever had a crew member accidentally misplace their IFB receiver? We had a hunch this had happened. With ‘IFB Finder’ a loud audible locator sound can be played on the built-in speaker so you’ll be able to easily locate it at the end of the day, saving hours of time on set over the course of a production.

Picture & Sound Synchronization

Up to six frames of programmable delay allow for proper synchronization of sound and picture while viewing video monitors on set.


Powering the URX50 with NiMh rechargeable batteries will get you approximately 10 hours of run time, and when the day is finished you can drop the units directly into an optional dual bay drop in charger. 3 x AA lithium batteries will power the URX50 for up to 11 hours and 3 x AA alkaline batteries will power the unit for approximately 7 hours.

Frequency Range

The URX50 can be ordered in one of two configurations:

  • URX50-L – covers 500 – 638 MHz
  • URX50-H – covers 542 – 698 MHz


Receiver RF Channels: 1
Frequency selection: 20 discrete channels
Diversity method: antenna switching
RF Modulation:  proprietary digital method
URX50-L Tuning Range: 500 - 638 MHz
URX50-H Tuning Range: 542 - 698 MHz   
RF Frequency Step:  100 KHz
RF Signal Bandwidth:  200 KHz
Channel Separation:  300 KHz (300Khz to 500kHz Transmission / Modulation dependent)  
Sensitivity:  -100 dBm
RF channel voting: 2 or 3 channel auto selection
Modulation decode: Mono, Stereo, XR and ZHD96


Connection: Integrated 
Type: ¼ wavelength steel cable whip
Additional Antenna: diversity headphone cable


Control: via embedded data on RF Channel #1
Receiver Audio
Format: Mono headphone analog output
Dynamic Range:  110 dB
Distortion:  0.002%
Frequency Range: 20Hz to 16kHz
DAC Bit-depth:  24 bits
Audio Delay: 0 to 200 mS
1 KHz Notch Filter: 60 dB attenuation / 5 Hz Bandwidth
Headphone Audio Output
Impedance: 16 ohms
Output Power: 100 mW
Output Type: Headphone driver
Output connector: 3.5 mm
Mode: 1-Channel unbalanced
Speaker Audio Output
Output Power: 200 mW
Speaker: 2” permanent magnet
Speaker Frequency Response: 200Hz to 16 KHz
Timecode - Visible display on OLED


Internal Power: 3 AA Batteries
Li-Ion Battery Life: Up to 11 hours
NiMH Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Alkaline Battery life: Up to 7 hours
Power Consumption: .8 watts
*Run times are approximate and will be refined as more testing is done*


Weight: 4.5 oz without batteries
Dimensions: 4.1” x 2.5” x .9”
Display: Graphic OLED Panel