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Zacuto Zamerican Arm V3 – Small

Zacuto's Zamerican, V3 Small 6 inch articulating arm is 20% lighter than their first articulating arm.


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Made with chrome balls for silk movement, aluminum ends for rust reduction and stainless steel to increase strength and reduce bulk, the Small V3 Zamerican arm is built with Z-Release, giving you built-in quick release action using Zacuto's new Z-lock technology. Accessories install and remove with the flip of a lever. No more screwing and un-screwing and no more coming loose. Zamerican arms can be extended using Zacuto male rod extensions making articulating arms any length you want them to be.

Zamerican arms require a Z-Release (quick-release) mount on each end of the arm. Z-Release mounts include:

  • ZicroMount
  • Z-Mount
  • Stand mount,
  • (Zround Mount + Double Mount)
  • (Zround Mount + Mini Mount)
  • Zgrip
  • q-mount
  • and 1/2 to 1/4 20" adapter.

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