Zacuto Mounting Kit for C300-C500 Z-Finder

Item Code: ZAC/Z-C3MB

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The Mounting Kit for C300/500 Z-Finder from Zacuto allows you to position the Canon C300 or C500 LCD screen forward and off to the side in a position better suited for shoulder mounted shooting with the Zacuto C300/500 Z-Finder. The Mounting Kit attaches to the side of the Canon C300/500 Helmet (sold separately) via a Z-Rail and two mounting screws. Once attached, it allows independent forward/backward, side to side, and tilt adjustment of the Z-Finder, with each adjustment point featuring its own spring-loaded lever.

Note: Either the C300/500 Helmet and Coldshoe Handle Kit or the C300/500 Helmet and Tapped Handle Kit (both sold separately) is required to use the mounting kit. Additionally, when moving the monitor farther forward, you may also need an optional extension cable from Canon.