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Sony a6700 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera

Code: SOC/ILCE6700B

The α6700 combines the latest AI technology with Sony's outstanding α-series image quality in a compact APS-C camera body.

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Key Features

  • New 8x faster BIONZ XR Processor
  • Ultra-fast AI Autofocus in Stills and Video
  • Advanced AI-Driven Automation for Video
  • 26MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 6K oversampling, and 4K Video at up to 120p

The α6700 combines the latest AI technology with Sony's outstanding α-series image quality in a compact APS-C camera body. Offering enhanced subject recognition, the latest technology for capturing stills and movies, and E-mount lens compatibility, the lightweight α6700 is designed for creative adventures, anytime, anywhere.

Focus tools for shooting video

Movie making is made simpler with the Focus Map function that allows you to visualise depth of field when recording video. Focus information is overlaid on the live view display in real time so that you can easily identify the in-focus and out-of-focus areas - particularly useful when shooting with a large-aperture to create a narrow depth of field. The camera also offers peaking display, making it possible to check auto and manual focus while recording.

High-performance electronic viewfinder

A 2.36 million-dot (approx.) XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with approximately 1.07x magnification renders your world in exceptional detail. With twice the brightness of the a6600, and a wider 33-degree viewing angle, it offers clear, easy viewing while shooting. The finder frame rate can be set to 120 fps - twice the standard rate - for a smooth viewfinder image, with minimum display motion blur when tracking and shooting moving subjects.

View from every angle

Whether you're shooting handheld or with gimbal, the a6700's large 3.0-type 1.03 million-dot (approx.) touch-panel LCD monitor provides broad positioning and framing freedom so you can capture the shots you need. It also provides a huge advantage for very low ground-level shots, or other narrow shooting environments, giving you plenty of creative options for handheld and gimbal-mounted shooting of stills and movies.

Real-time Recognition AF for human

The a6700 uses subject form data to recognise movement, achieving greatly improved human eye recognition. It also employs learned human forms and postures to precisely recognise body and head positions, making it possible to lock onto and track a subject facing away from the camera, or with their face obscured by sunglasses or a helmet.

Real-time Recognition AF for wider range of subjects

In addition to humans and animals, the a6700 now recognises birds, insects, cars, trains and airplanes, providing even greater flexibility and reliability when shooting both stills and movies. Heads and bodies are recognised in addition to eyes (Real-time Eye AF) for the Human and Animal settings, and now for the Bird setting too, with animal recognition performance more than 40% higher compared to the a6600.

Faster, more precise AF system

The immense processing power and updated algorithms of the new BIONZ XR engine achieve notably improved AF performance, with up to 759 phase detection points, covering approximately 93% of the image area when shooting stills. Deep learning technology supports powerful Real-time Recognition AF as well as more reliable Real-time Tracking, in turn supported by higher Fast Hybrid AF performance over a wider area.

Shoot more than 1000 images at high speed

The a6700's powerful BIONZ XR processing engine combines with a large buffer memory to boost write speeds to memory cards, so that the camera can shoot more than 1000 JPEG images, up to 59 compressed RAW images, or up to 23 lossless compressed RAW images in continuous high-speed bursts. The camera can also shoot silently and continuously with the camera's noiseless, vibration-free electronic shutter at speeds up to 11 fps with full resolution and AF/AE tracking.

Accurate AF in low EV -3.0 light

The latest AF algorithms achieve high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV -3.0 in AF-S mode (ISO 100 equivalent, F2.0 lens). The Focus Priority mode also provides more reliable AF in low light or when using smaller apertures.

Full-time DMF

When shooting stills with AF-C or AF-S autofocus, the lens's focus ring can be rotated to instantly switch to manual focus mode at any time. This makes it easy to switch focus to a different subject on the fly.

Focus bracketing to capture the best shot

The a6700 can automatically shoot up to 299 images with sequentially shifted focus points according to custom intervals and a sequence specified by you. Pick the perfect shot, or post-process multiple shots to achieve creative composites with incredible depth of focus.

In-camera time-lapse creation

The in-camera time-lapse function allows you to create time-lapse videos within the camera itself. The exposure interval can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds, making it easy to compress slow action into enjoyable time-lapse sequences. When a compatible video light (sold separately) is attached to the camera, it can be set to turn on just before each exposure so that time-lapse sequences can be shot in low-light settings.

Breathing compensation for consistent angle of view

When shooting movies with compatible lenses, breathing compensation uses Clear Image Zoom technology to maintain a consistent angle of view, suppressing changes that may occur due to shifts in focus position. Breathing metadata can also be used in post-production.

Outstanding 4K movie recording

The a6700 captures 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) at up to 60p (50p) using Sony's proprietary 6K oversampling technology. By compressing this expanded detail into the output, it achieves 4K video quality with outstanding definition, even at higher frame rates. The camera also supports high-quality XAVC S-I (All-Intra) and XAVC HS formats with 10-bit 4:2:2 colour sampling.

Expressive S-Cinetone

Incorporating the same colour science as the highly regarded CineAlta and Cinema Line, the a6700 includes Sony's S-Cinetone picture profile as a preset, delivering images with more faithful colour reproduction and natural skin tones.

S-Log3 gamma curve with 14+ stops of latitude

S-Log3 gamma curve with 14+ stops of latitude (45)The S-Log3 gamma curve emphasises gradation characteristics from shadows to mid-grey (18% grey), achieving up to 14+ stops of latitude for creative colour grading possibilities.

Creative Look

Creative Look offers greater creative flexibility with added simplicity. It provides 10 presets that can be used just as they are or adjusted to suit the subject or scene, whether you're shooting stills, movies or live-streaming. You can easily set the mood ahead of shooting so your images are ready to share immediately.

10-bit HEIF still-image format for smooth gradations

For the first time in an APS-C camera, the a6700 includes the HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) format with smooth 10-bit gradations for more realistic reproduction of skies and portrait skin tones without banding. The HEIF format also uses advanced compression technology to maintain image quality while significantly reducing file size and saving storage space.

Import and use custom LUT files

See how your footage will look in post-processing while you're shooting S-Log. The a6700 allows you to import a user LUT (Look Up Table) in the .cube format that can be applied to the camera's monitor image to preview what the images will look like when the LUT is applied in post-production.

Smarter Real-time Tracking

The upgraded and more reliable AI-based Real-time Tracking makes shooting in a wider range of situations simpler, leaving you free to concentrate on framing and composition. The a6700 can even track people wearing helmets, or animals facing away from the camera.

High frame rate 4K 120p recording

High frame rate recording at up to 120p for 4K QFHD (3840 x 2160) output makes it possible to capture high-resolution movies in-camera. This expands creative possibilities in post-production by allowing subject motion to be emphasised or transformed into smooth slow motion. S&Q mode also enables recording of slow or quick motion sequences in camera from the outset.

Active Mode for enhanced movie image stabilisation

Active Mode provides powerful image stabilisation for handheld movie shooting. The a6700 can accurately detect camera shake which is then precisely compensated for optically, providing highly effective stabilisation without sacrificing mobility, even when shooting 4K.

AI-based Auto Framing for movies

Through AI-based subject recognition technology, the Auto Framing feature automatically crops the frame to keep the subject in a prominent position when shooting movies. Even if the camera is mounted on an unmanned tripod, framing is continually adjusted so that recorded footage looks like the subject was being followed by an experienced camera operator

SCREEN TYPE 7.5 cm (3.0-type) type TFT
FUNCTIONS Send to smartphone,Remote control via smartphone,PC Remote
BATTERY LIFE (CIPA, STILL IMAGES) Approx. 550 shots (Viewfinder) / Approx. 570 shots (LCD monitor) (CIPA standard)
POWER CONSUMPTION WITH VIEWFINDER Still images: Approx. 3.6 W (with E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached),Movies: Approx. 5.2 W (with E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens attached)
Size and Weight WIDTH (CM) 15.50
HEIGHT (CM) 12.50
WEIGHT (KG) 0.73