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Sennheiser SK 500 G4 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter (AS: 520 - 558 MHz)

Code: SEN/509578
A powerful bodypack transmitter with increased bandwidth and transmission power Note: AS Block covers 520 - 558 MHz. Be sure to check the Sennheiser Frequency Finder for the best range to cover your needs!

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What's In The Box?

  • SK 500 G4 bodypack transmitter
  • The SK 500 G4 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter is a robust bodypack transmitter for daily use with evolution wireless G4 500 series systems and can be used when paired with a companion receiver as part of a wireless RF transmission system. The transmitter's menu-driven backlit display displays current frequency, frequency band and channel number, metering of AF level, transmission status, battery status, and more.


    • Powerful bodypack transmitter with increased bandwidth and transmission power

    • Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared

    • Up to 32 compatible channels

    • Up to 88 MHz bandwidth with 3520 selectable frequencies, fully tunable in a stable UHF range

    • Ethernet connection for Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) control software for advanced frequency coordination in multi-channel setups

    • High RF output power (up to 50 mW, adjustable in three steps 10/30/50) depending on country regulations


    Frequency range AS: 520 - 558 MHz
    Dimensions Approx. 82 x 64 x 24 mm
    Compander Sennheiser HDX
    THD, total harmonic distortion ≤ 0.9 %
    Weight (incl. batteries) approx. 160 g
    Signal-to-noise ratio ≥ 115 dBA
    RF output power switchable: Low: typ. 10 mW, Standard: typ. 30 mW, High: typ. 50 mW
    Switching bandwidth up to 88 MHz
    Peak deviation ±48 kHz
    Nominal deviation ±24 kHz
    Operating time Typically 8 h
    Modulation Wideband FM
    Power supply 2 AA batteries, 1.5 V or BA 2015 accupack
    Current consumption at nominal voltage: typ. 180 mA with transmitter switched off: ≤ 25 μA
    Input impedance 40 kΩ, unbalanced / 1 MΩ
    Max. Input voltage 3 Veff
    Powering 3 V battery / 2.4 V rechargeable battery
    Transmission frequency Max. 3520 frequencies, adjustable in 25 kHz steps, 20 frequency banks, each with up to 32 factory-preset channels, no intermodulation, 6 frequency banks with up to 32 programmable channels
    AF frequency response Mic: 80 – 18,000 Hz, Line: 25 – 18,000 Hz
    Temperature Range -10 °C to +55 °C
    Frequency stability ≤ ±15 ppm